Two-in-a-Row Shooting Drills by Accelerate Basketball Training

Accelerate your shooting form and practice with these fast-paced Two-in-a-Row shooting drills Coach Payne uses with some of the best players in the NBA!

AccelerateBasketball Accelerate Basketball Train with the Best Basketball Players in the World

Accelerate Basketball Training evolved from Coach Payne's concept to blend basketball skills with strength, speed, and agility work. In addition, we place a heavy emphasis on injury prevention through our training. The facility is designed to cover all aspects of basketball, including basketball I.Q., teaching game situations, viewing and evaluating game film to help the athlete improve their game. Accelerate is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to help athletes of all ages, race and gender to take their game to another level. Accelerate Basketball officially began in August 2009 under Brandon Payne in the Charlotte, NC area.

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