Zalgiris Kaunas Playbook

by Kostas Kalogeropoulos
Zalgiris Kaunas Playbook


Playbook of Lithuanian team Zalgiris Kaunas, competing also in the Euroleague. Head coach is Sarunas Jasikevicius. This playbook is demonstrated by Fastdraw diagrams and clips analyzed by Klipdraw. The PDF file of the playbook is downloadable.

The plabook includes transition sets, half court sets, baseline and sideline out of bounds plays.


1 Transition Action: UCLA, side pick & turnout 0:29 2 Transition Action: UCLA, side pick & stagger 0:29 3 Transition Action: UCLA, side Pick n' roll Spain 0:29 4 Transition Action: double pick & flare 0:26 5 Transition Action: double ram, side Pick n' pop 0:15 6 Half court set-54 screen, DHO & pick 0:29 7 Half court set-54 screen, hand-off & STS 0:27 8 Half court set-Elbow pitch option 1 0:29 9 Half court set-Elbow pitch option 2 0:30 10 Half court set-Choice set, side pick & turnout 0:21 11 Half court set-Choice set, stagger for PF 0:14 12 Half court set-DHO & Baseline stagger 0:25 13 Half court set-Floppy 0:36 14 Half court set-Horns set-Screen away for SF 0:15 15 Half court set-Horns set-Post-up SF 0:27 16 Half court set-Fake pick & Spain Pick n' roll 0:29 17 Half court set-54 screen, back screen & Post-up PG 0:21 18 Half court set-Misdirection stagger & Post-up 0:20 19 Half court set-Post-up SF & STS 0:27 20 Half court set-Down screen & Post-up guard 0:13 21 Half court set-ram screen and fake Spain pick n' roll 0:15 22 Half court set-ram screen and side Spain pick n' roll 0:18 23 Half court set-Trick play for stretch 5 0:21 24 Half court set-Cross screen, Post-up SF & Triple screen 0:23 25 Half court set-ATO: empty corner side pick n' roll 0:26 26 Sideline Out-PG Loop & DHO 0:25 27 Sideline Out-Stagger & Turnout, Lob to Switch 0:24 28 Sideline Out-Stagger away, Hand-off & Read 0:25 29 Sideline Out-Down screen, Post-up & Grenade action 0:27 30 Sideline Out-Turnout / 1vs1 option 0:15 31 Sideline Out-ATO-back screen 0:15 32 Baseline Out-STS action 0:16 33 Baseline Out-1-4 low set-Post-up guard 0:17 34 Baseline Out-Triple screen, Cross screen & Pick n' roll 0:27 35 Baseline Out-Stagger, Back screen and Pick n' roll 0:24 36 Playbook contents 37 Zalgiris Kaunas Playbook

The Coach


Kostas Kalogeropoulos

Olympiacos BC Development team, Basketball Coaching & Scouting


University degree in Basketball Coaching in Department of Pysical Education of the University of Athens.

17 years of experience and attended more than 20 clinics.

Pro-level experience, individual & team scouting, stats analysis & player development.

Current team: Assistant Coach for Olympiacos BC development team (division 2), under-18 boys team assistant coach, under-15 boys team head coach

Past seasons:

Assistant Coach for Triton BC (promotion to division 2)
Peristeri BC (promotion to division 2 & to division 1)
Ionikos Nikaias BC (promotion to division 4 & to division 3)
Athletic Director & under-15 boys team head coach for Melissia BC
Athletic Director & under-18 boys team for Kronos BC
Head coach of under-18 & under-16 boys team Ionikos Nikaias BC
Head coach of under-16 & under-15 boys team Phoenix BC Pireus
Assistant Coach for AE Irakliou (division A local), head coach of under-18, under-16, under-13 boys team
Head coach of under-18, under-16, under-13, under-12 & under-11 boys teams for AO Zografou
Head coach of under-15 & under-14 boys team fpr Aigaleo BC
Coached in many basketball summer & xmas camps
Coached & organized 3on3 basketball tournaments

Youtube channel

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Luka Bassin #BassketSTUDIO

Excellent video offensive breakdown (transition game, half court sets, BOBs and SOBs) of Žalgiris Kaunas, who played one of the most beautiful basketball in Europe in previous seasons. Coach Sarunas Jasikevicius put tactics on next level and coach Kostas made great course, editing videos and highlighting points of emphasis. Great course to watch and learn, and many systems that can be implemented into your game.

Dec 13, 20 12:49 AM

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