Your Coaching Purpose

by Justin Dottavio
Your Coaching Purpose


Whether you're a brand new coach out of college or a veteran coach looking for more from coaching, this course is for you. "Your Coaching Purpose" is a journey to finding your WHY. If you've ever wanted to discover your Core Values, come up with your own definition of success, and write your purpose statement- this is the class for you. This certification has 12 half-hour modules and a certification test as well as a workbook for creating a Gameplan for life.


1 YCP Pre-Course Survey 2 45 Day Out Checklist (PDF) 3 Introduction Workbook (PDF) 4 Introduction 17:45 5 Nick Saban: Capability Gap 2:38 6 Introduction Slideshow (PDF) 7 Introduction Quiz
8 Identity Workbook (PDF) 9 Identity 13:37 10 Identity- Joe Mazzulla 0:46 11 Chris Petersen: Why he left coaching 12:01 12 Identity Slideshow (PDF) 13 Identity Quiz
14 Mindset Workbook (PDF) 15 Mindset 15:29 16 Russell Wilson: Neutral Thinking 6:12 17 Mindset Slideshow (PDF) 18 Mindset Quiz
Role and Style
19 Role and Style Workbook (PDF) 20 Role and Style 14:54 21 Role and Style Slideshow (PDF) 22 Role and Style Quiz
True Self
23 True Self Workbook (PDF) 24 True Self 17:04 25 True Self Slideshow (PDF) 26 True Self Quiz
Give and Take
27 Give and Take Workbook (PDF) 28 Give and Take 13:59 29 Give and Take Slideshow (PDF) 30 Give and Take Quiz
Stress Management
31 Stress Management Workbook (PDF) 32 Stress Management 19:34 33 Stress Management Slideshow (PDF) 34 Stress Management Quiz
35 Self-SWOT Workbook (PDF) 36 Self-SWOT 15:52 37 Silicon Valley: Self-SWOT Analysis 0:56 38 Tom Brady: Mindset 7:09 39 Self-SWOT Slideshow (PDF) 40 Self-SWOT Quiz
Core Values
41 Core Values Workbook (PDF) 42 Core Values 15:50 43 Core Values Slideshow (PDF) 44 Core Values Quiz
45 Success Workbook (PDF) 46 Success 13:11 47 Joe Ehrmann: "Be A Man" 14:15 48 Success Slideshow (PDF) 49 Success Quiz
50 Purpose Workbook (PDF) 51 Purpose 17:14 52 Bill George: Authenticity 4:56 53 Purpose Slideshow (PDF) 54 Purpose Quiz
55 Gameplan Workbook (PDF) 56 Gameplan 13:02 57 Jim Collins: Leadership 2:36 58 Gameplan Slideshow (PDF) 59 Trust-Based Coaching Philosophy (PDF) 60 Gameplan Quiz
Final Exam
61 Final Exam 62 45 Days Out Checklist (PDF) 63 YCP Post-Course Survey
64 Coachspeak Clips: Hakeem- All leaders are coaches 0:59 65 Coachspeak Clips: Hakeem- Letting go of control 1:00 66 Coachspeak Clips: Hakeem- Identity 0:30 67 Coachspeak Clips: Hakeem- 70 percent rule 0:58 68 Coachspeak Clips: Hakeem- Staying Calm 1:00 69 Coachspeak Clips: Annie- What really matters 0:07 70 Coachspeak Clips: Annie- Celebrating small wins 0:36 71 Coachspeak Clips: Annie- Shifting into coaching 1:00 72 Coachspeak Clips: Annie- Advice for new coaches 1:10 73 Coachspeak Clips: Sean- Core Values 1:01 74 Coachspeak Clips: Sean- One piece of advice 0:33 75 Coachspeak Clips: Sean- Second chance 1:25 76 Coachspeak Clips: Sean- Identity 0:45 77 Coachspeak Clips: Sean- Pitfalls of not having a WHY 0:47 78 Coachspeak Clips: Sam- Identity 1:29 79 Coachspeak Clips: Sam- Definition of Success 0:18 80 Coachspeak Clips: Sam- Trappings (SWOT) 1:06 81 Coachspeak Clips: Dr. K- Compassion 0:30 82 Coachspeak Clips: Dr. K- Give and Take 1:00 83 Coachspeak Clips: Dr. K- Fawning 1:00 84 Coachspeak Clips: Kendall Green- How he arrived at S&C 0:57 85 Coachspeak Clips: Kendall Green- Advice for young coaches 0:18 86 Coachspeak Clips: Kendall Green- Self-care 1:00 87 Coachspeak Clips: Kendall Green- "Master the basics" 0:59 88 Coachspeak Clips: Kendall Green- Core Values 0:45 89 Coachspeak Clips: 10-80-10- The Billy Martin Rule 0:54 90 Coachspeak Clips: 10-80-10- Model the behaviors you want 0:59 91 Coachspeak Clips: 10-80-10- Be actionable with your 80 0:56 92 Coachspeak Clips: Erica Suter- Why she coaches 1:01 93 Coachspeak Clips: Erica Suter- Burnout and specialization 0:59 94 Coachspeak Clips: Erica Suter- Confidence through playing multiple sports 0:51 95 Coachspeak Clips: Erica Suter- Want to be fast? 0:55 96 Coachspeak Clips: Erica Suter- Impact on ages 6-12 1:01 97 Coachspeak Clips: Wabi Sabi- Improv and Teaching 0:40 98 Coachspeak Clips: Wabi Sabi- LEGOs and Comfort Zones 1:01 99 Coachspeak Clips: Wabi Sabi- Actionable Steps 0:57 100 Coachspeak Clips: Mike Gregory (Core Values)- Mike's three CV's 1:06 101 Coachspeak Clips: Mike Gregory (Core Values)- Buy-in with CV's selection 1:00 102 Coachspeak Clips: Mike Gregory (Core Values)- Integrity 0:40 103 Coachspeak Clips: Mike Gregory (Core Values)- The Lost 1:02 104 Coachspeak Clips: Coaching Role and Styles- The Clinic Coach 0:59 105 Coachspeak Clips: Coaching Role and Styles- How do you find YOUR style? 0:49 106 Coachspeak Clips: Coaching Role and Styles- Transformational Coaches 1:01 107 Coachspeak Clips: Taking Control of Criticism- Justin knows criticism 1:50 108 Coachspeak Clips: Personal vs. Professional Identity 1:20 109 Coachspeak Clips: Coaching Your Coaches 1:04

The Coach


Justin Dottavio

Educator and certified Strength and Conditioning coach in Raleigh, NC


Justin Dottavio is a certified teacher and strength and conditioning coach. Justin has over 15 years of experience in education, including four years as a K-12 administrator, and one year as an expulsion program administrator. Justin is certified in social studies, business education, and physical education in North Carolina. 

Justin has over 20 years of coaching experience including strength and conditioning. Justin is a certified S&C coach through Exos as a Performance Specialist, USAW (Weightlifting) as a Level 1 coach, and the NHSSCA as a HSSCC. Justin is also certified as a 200-hour registerd yoga teacher, in Reflexive Performance Reset "RPR" (Level 1) as well as Triphasic Training and Exos Recovery. 

Justin was an American Football coach for 18 seasons, including four as a head varstiy football coach. In addition to coaching football, Justin has served as an assistant athletic director and school-wide strength and conditioning coach. Justin also has a Master of Human Resource Management degree from Rollins College (2008). 

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