Learn to Wakeboard

Learn the basics of wakeboarding with 12 time world champion wakeboarder Darin Shapiro.

DarinShapiro Darin Shapiro Wakeboarding Legend & CEO of Grindwater

Darin is a 12 time World Champion and is considered the most successful rider in the history of the sport of wakeboarding. After a 10-year retirement from wakeboarding, Shapiro returned to competition at age 40, at the 2014 Wake Games contest at Orlando Watersports Complex in Orlando, Florida.

Shapiro is considered to be the first rider landing an Air Railey which was named after one of his coaches in Team Hyperlite. He was also the first to do a double-frontflip, known as a Speedball.

Darin Shapiro was the first pro wakeboarder ever inducted into the Water Ski Hall of Fame 2010

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