Field Hockey Core Skills

Great field hockey players all possess great core basics that they practice regularly. It is important to all field hockey players and coaches from beginners to advanced understand the core basic skills needed to be a good field hockey player. In this course we look at the 6 basic skills that all field hockey players should master before moving on to more complex skills. Instructional videos talk about each skill and a instruction PDF is provided to explain each skill in more detail. 

How to hold a hockey stick correctly
1 How to hold a hockey stick
The Yardstick
2 The Yardstick
3 The Yard Stick Instructions
Fast Dribble
4 Fast Dribble
5 Fast Dribble Instructions
6 Pushing
7 Pushing Instructions
8 Hitting
9 Hitting Instructions
Slap Hitting
10 Slap Hitting
11 Slap Hitting Instructions
How to throw an Overhead
12 Overheads
13 How to throw an overhead instructions
How to do a Tomahawk Shot.
14 How to do a Tomahawk Shot
15 How to do a Tomahawk Shot Instructions
Drag Flicking
16 How to Dragflick
17 Drag Flicking Instructions

Insidethedhockey Inside the D Hockey Level 2 AHA Field Hockey Coach. Passionate about coaching

Having commenced playing hockey at the age of 5, Peter has over 35 years experience of playing and coaching experience at club and representative level.

As a former New South Wales junior and senior state representative player and premiership winning player with Sutherland Hockey Club in Sydney Premier League competition, I switched to coaching n 2009  which saw 4 straight premierships titles for Sutherland Hockey Club in the Sydney Hockey Premier League and Sydney Cup competitions from 2009-2012. During this time I was awarded Sydney Hockey 2011 Coach of the Year.

Peter is currently involved in coaching juniors and has established and currently run a Junior Hockey Academy program where the focus is on developing strong skills in juniors and guiding them to higher representative levels.  

Being an active coach participating in junior and senior coaching programs in Sydney and New South Wales (Australia) Hockey circles as well as a being a junior parent, Peter is passionate about ensuring juniors receive the appropriate skills training needed to succeed as a player.

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