North Harbour Field Hockey Tips

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1 Reverse Hitting
2 Overheading
3 Push Pass On The Move
4 Dragging
5 Hitting

NorthHarbour North Harbour Hockey

In 1973 the North Shore Women's Hockey Association was formed on Auckland's North Shore and in 1975 established its headquarters at Rosedale Park in Albany. The Association grew rapidly and in 10 years had doubled in size and incorporated the largest junior girls division in New Zealand hockey, a status the present day NHHA still holds.

In 1983, men's competitions, separate from Auckland Hockey Association, were run for the first time, as the North Shore (Mens) Hockey Association was formed as a sub-association of Auckland. Secondary and Junior Divisions quickly grew, a name change to North Harbour Hockey Association followed in 1987 and, in 1989, the men's association was established in its own right, independent of Auckland.

In 1988, NSWHA worked alongside the NHHA to lay their first artificial turf (Sand) beside the 9 grass fields at Rosedale Park. In 1992, the two separate associations amalgamated to form the current North Harbour Hockey Association (1992) Inc.

In order to cope with continuing growth and development, NHHA in conjunction with North Shore City Council established a new hockey complex at Rosedale Park South. In 1996/97 two water turfs were laid and in 1998 Stage I of a pavilion was erected between the turfs. The building was completed to its present status in 2000 and today all North Harbour hockey is centred on the complex.

In 2004/5 a third water turf was added adjacent to the other two to make North Harbour Hockey Stadium the largest NZ hockey centre.

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