2020 Advanced Air Raid Concepts

by 92 Mesh Group
2020 Advanced Air Raid Concepts


Have you built a solid Air Raid Foundation?  Coach Coltharp has come back to expand on the 92 Mesh Group: Foundations of the Air Raid Offense course by creating more videos and content (cut-ups) The course not only has video lectures, but access to presentations, QB tip sheets, practice schedule templates, and more.




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Coach George Coltharp, is the founder of the 92 Mesh Group, a group of like-minded coaches who are disciples of the Air Raid Offensive system.  Coach Coltharp has 20 years of coaching experience and has been a Varsity Head Football coach for over ten years, as well as a college offensive coordinator.  He has spoken at many clinics and is one of the highest leveled Air Raid Certified coaches at the high school level.  He played collegiately at Appalachian State University and is currently a doctoral candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at Liberty University.

Ratings and Reviews (9)

WIll McDougle

Great stuff! however the downloadable resources aren't available from what I can tell. Is there another area I should go to find them?

Sep 12, 19 06:35 PM

Jonathan Harris

I love the adaptability (make it your own) and its very detailed

Dec 14, 19 09:04 PM

Coach Stanley Williams

As a defensive coordinator trying to become more offensive minded, this is a great course. When I become a head coach this will be our offense.

Jan 21, 20 12:07 PM

Tae Hunter

Excellent material

Mar 20, 20 10:08 AM

Terrance Long

Thorough & informative.

Mar 22, 20 01:20 PM

JJ Lewis

The courses on the Mesh, Y-Stick, and Y-Corner are worth the price of the package alone. Not to even mention all the inside information and other experience-based info that comes along with it. - Well worth the price!

Mar 24, 20 11:37 AM

Michael Lindley

Coach Coltharp is a first class coach who knows how to deliver content in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend this course to any coach who wants to further understand advance Air Raid Concepts.

Jul 21, 20 07:40 PM

John Bronkhorst

Coach Colthorp continues to do an incredible job putting together comprehensive Air Raid courses. If you have a desire to learn the Air Raid, I highly recommend Coach Colthorp's 92 Mesh Group Air Raid Courses.

Oct 1, 20 03:11 PM

Ken Cofer

Teaches it correctly and simple to pick up and understand.

Jul 4, 21 07:22 AM

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