2020 Game Planning by Scripting the Field

by 92 Mesh Group
2020 Game Planning by Scripting the Field


Have you ever wondered why Air Raid coaches have small play sheets?  Coach Coltharp walks you through the thought process for developing a Game Plan for the Air Raid Offense.  In Scripting the Field Coach Describes how he divides up the field for his Game Plan, Shows some cut-ups for two of his favorite Red Zone & Goal line plays, and reinforces the Air Raid rep-based Offensive Philosophy. THIS COURSE IS PART OF THE ADVANCED AIR RAID CONCEPTS.  DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED THAT COURSE.


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Coach George Coltharp, is the founder of the 92 Mesh Group, a group of like-minded coaches who are disciples of the Air Raid Offensive system.  Coach Coltharp has 20 years of coaching experience and has been a Varsity Head Football coach for over ten years, as well as a college offensive coordinator.  He has spoken at many clinics and is one of the highest leveled Air Raid Certified coaches at the high school level.  He played collegiately at Appalachian State University and is currently a doctoral candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at Liberty University.

Ratings and Reviews (8)

Mori Langshaw Sr

Please get Coach Coltharp some water!

Feb 3, 20 08:06 PM

Jordan Erickson

Good overview of scripting the field from an Air Raid/Spread Tempo perspective.

Mar 29, 20 01:31 PM

Jimmy Dushane

Great way to plan for the game. Coach Jimmy Dushane

Mar 29, 20 05:53 PM

Jeffrey Bacholzky

I am not an Air Raid guy but just trying to learn as much football as possible. This is a good look into how Coach Coltharp game plans and there are a couple of ideas that I can definitely implement, especially in the red zone.

Mar 29, 20 07:35 PM

Ayodele Mims

Very informative with useful supporting material.

Mar 29, 20 06:37 PM

Coach Juan Carlos Lozano

Course covers some great concepts. It offers you ideas and the "WHY?" I agree with Coach in the end you have to make the process yours and always take into consideration the Cost Benefit Analysis. The Air Raid is a Rep driven system and if you plan to do other things make sure you get to that magic rep.

Apr 7, 20 05:37 AM

Ricky Kelly

This course was very helpful for a coach who is just making the switch to the air raid

May 17, 20 02:46 PM

Jason Stafford

Excellent course for Coaches, highly recommend!

Aug 24, 22 07:34 AM

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