3-3 Blitz Package for 8 Man Football

Defense wins championships. But not passive defenses, aggressive ones. With a blitz package designed specifically for the 8 Man 3-3 Defense, a whole new world of possibilities will be opened up for your next game-planning session. Learn new ways of sending your best players to disrupt the offense from all angles. This package includes:

  • How to name your blitzes
  • How to aim your players on a blitz
  • What your players should aim for on a blitz
  • Which players are most suited for each blitz
  • Defensive philosophy on why we use blitzes
  • Leverage & depth descriptions for pre-snap alignment - for entire team, not just blitzing players
  • 23 pages of blitzes versus different offensive setups - not just a one setup
  • Bonus tips on which situations to use each blitz

MikeMcCann Mike McCann Never be outschemed

Just like many of you reading this, I’ve been around football since before I could walk. My father played football at theUniversity of Florida and coached as high as the USFL in his career. Growing up, it’s all I knew and it’s all I studied.I played Division I football at Charleston Southern University where I helped win a conference championship and was named Captain. I know the importance of preparation for success.Today, I coach an 8-Man team in Charleston, SC and I’ve taken my knowledge of the game and adjusted it to the 8-Man rules. As with any team, great players are hard to win without. But we believe that we’ll never be beat before the snap. Our young men will always be in the best position to make plays and we’ll do our best to set them up for success through our preparation.

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