Air Raid Wide Receiver Drills and Skills

by Chris Napier
Air Raid Wide Receiver Drills and Skills


In this course Coach Napier covers the basics of Air Raid Wide Receivers play including stance, release, and catching drills.  He provides videos, diagrams, and the thought process that goes into developing a highly successful wide receiver in the Air Raid Offense.  Many of the topics and drills he discusses can be adapted to other offenses as well.


The Coach


Chris Napier

Air Raid Coach since 2006


Coach Napier is a member of 92 Mesh Group and is a Highly-rated Air Raid Speaker across the country.  He has presented at various clinics, on youtube, and in national Zoom Clinic formats.  A veteran of the middle school, high school, and college ranks, Coach Napier has been running the Air Raid Offense since 2006.

Ratings and Reviews (7)

Matt Lasker


Mar 24, 22 01:29 PM

92 Mesh Group

Wow. Coach Napier does such a good job of plainly the importance of utilizing techniques and drills to improve Wide Receiver Play. Any coach who likes to throw the ball needs to look at his course.

Apr 13, 20 07:39 AM

Shane Dular

Coach Napier presented an unified system for teaching and allowing your QB to get you into the best play in the AIr Raid. He went into detail on how map play families together and teach simple rules for the QB to check. I highly recommend this course to any offensive coach.

Apr 13, 20 08:55 AM

Ross Woods

Awesome course! i love the way he packaged drills together to steal time. Never enough time to do what you need so that was a great way to package it all. I will probably use (steal) every drill in this course haha. Thanks Coach Napier!

Apr 13, 20 03:49 PM

JC Rock

Content and flow of presentation just ok. Low quality video of drills pulled off of YouTube was a let down.

Feb 8, 22 12:24 PM

Chris Knight

Great course. I like the idea of combining drills to save time during indy periods. He also breaks down route concepts at the end.

Mar 16, 22 07:14 AM

Freddie Storey

Low quality, pulled drills from YouTube. Not worth the money.

Jun 10, 22 04:49 AM

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