Austin Armstrong - Simulated Pressure

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Austin Armstrong	 - Simulated Pressure


Do you want to learn everything there is to know about pressuring the offense? Well, you've come to the right place! In this course! In this course, Coach Austin Armstrong reveals what pressure is, how to use simulated pressure, and different types of techniques to use when pressuring the offense. If you are a coach who wants to learn how to make your line and linebackers unstoppable and destroy the line, then this is the course for you!

He first breaks down what Pressure is. He uses game film to show off different rush techniques and Offensive Line techniques to properly pressure the offense. Then, he breaks down Simulated Pressure. Simulated Pressure is when you rush non-traditional rushers and cover them with traditional rushers to give the illusion of pressure while only bringing 4 rushers. He further breaks down why you should use simulated pressure. With the simulated pressure, you create the illusion of pressure making it hard on the QB while denying the ball on defense. 

He further breaks down when to use the simulated pressure. It works very well in 3rd down situations and medium distances. It is very important to deny the ball with this pressure. He even simulates it with a whiteboard showing off the roles of each of the key players when running the simulated pressure. If you want to learn more about simulated pressure, then this course is a must!

Next, he breaks down the techniques you need to run the simulated pressure or for just pressure in general. His top 3 are the BanjoEdge, and Wedge Techniques. He uses both whiteboard breakdowns and game cutups for each of these techniques. With this course, you will learn how and when to use these different pressuring techniques. 

If you are a coach who wants to learn how to fully utilize the simulated pressure and the techniques that go with it, then this is the course for you!


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Austin Armstrong | Florida | Defensive Coordinator

Coach Austin Armstrong joined the Florida Gators as Linebacker Coach and Defensive Coordinator in 2023.

Coaching History:

  • Southern Miss
  • Lousiana-Lafayette
  • Georgia
  • West Georgia

Ratings and Reviews (8)

Oskari Kauranne

Great and clear presentation!

Nov 29, 21 01:02 PM

Barry Hoover

I have studied Simulated Pressures and Creepers extensively and I still learned a great amount from this course. I highly recommend it. If you watch the Kirby Smart videos, you get somewhat of an understanding on the 1 Rat coverage they use, but Coach Armstrong really goes into detail into the coverage and into the important details of the rush techniques that make all the difference in the world. Most clinics don't give you much of anything good, but Coach lays it all out and doesn't hold anything back.

Dec 4, 21 07:26 AM

Michael Goolsby

Very detailed and well presented. Austin holds nothing back it seems. Highly recommend if you are interested in sims and creepers

Jan 6, 22 11:09 AM

Christopher Hall

Coach Armstrong provides you a complete Simulated Pressure package you can install and run at any level!

Jun 13, 22 07:22 PM

Taylor Sossamon

Excellent course.

Aug 5, 22 06:11 AM

Tommy Connors

Coach is incredibly honest and forthcoming to help out the viewer to the best of his ability.

Apr 9, 23 08:39 PM


Great and easy way to run Sim pressures.

Apr 11, 23 08:16 PM

Victor Gallardo

great clinic, a most watch if you like the sim pressure concept

Apr 12, 23 02:33 PM

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