Belichick On Football

by Alex Kirby
Belichick On Football


Bill Belichick is one of the greastest coaches in the history of the NFL.

Capturing five Super Bowl titles as a head coach of the New England Patriots, as well as two more as an assistant with the New York Giants, Belichick has acquired a knowledge of the game that few can match.

This book contains Belichick's own words on topics like:

  • Two Point Conversions: When to go for it, and how to defend it
  • The Zone Blitz: It's history and development in pro football
  • Preparing for Peyton Manning: Some things he's learned about how to defend one of the all-time greats
  • On Analytics: What does the best coach in the game today think about the new field of study in football?
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  • And more!

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The Coach


Alex Kirby

Special Teams Coordinator - Ben Davis High School (IN)


Alex Kirby is a former football coach.

He compiled this collection of Belichick quotes and insights into the game of football.

Ratings and Reviews (8)

Carlisle Koonts

Really good read. It gives you general insight to what all goes into decisions which are made by a coach in the NFL. I really enjoyed the way they teach players concepts. Understanding the many ways of coaching players was the most beneficial part of this book. On the other hand, Bill being Bill is not going to go into great detail on many questions. Bill will not let you all the way behind the curtain.

Dec 27, 16 01:45 PM

Kevin Womble

Very enjoyable reading. As a football coach I found it very interesting to be able to take a look into the mind of one of the best in the business.

Feb 1, 17 05:06 PM

Jordy Felipe


Dec 18, 17 07:06 PM

Graham Snelding

Very insightful Read.

Feb 1, 19 07:28 AM


Was very informative. Best coach in the game.

Dec 4, 19 04:44 AM

Mike Wolthuizen

A lengthy, but valuable, read.

Dec 25, 19 11:44 AM

Nick Bandstra

Great resource.

Dec 21, 21 05:52 PM

Tony DeMeo

Great course from a great coach

Dec 10, 22 11:16 AM

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