Bill Durkin - Coastal Carolina Counter

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Bill Durkin - Coastal Carolina Counter


Offensive Line Counter Play


Is your run game being met at the line? Left tackle and guard are being outmatched? Linebackers are blitzing too often and finding success? 


Perhaps you’re looking to have an efficient run game but your offensive line is a step behind? Take a massive advantage of the defensive line by running the counter play. 


Introducing Bill Durkin's Program



In this course, Coach Bill Durkin discusses the Coastal Carolina Counter play and the many variations that they run. Coach Durkin begins the clinic by discussing the program values at Coastal Carolina along with basic OL fundamentals.


  • Knee bend

  • Step down

  • Hoho

  • Feet before hands


Coach Durkin breaks down the program values he practices with his 2020 Sunbelt Championships. He introduces BAM. Be a man concept he holds his players to. A man stands on his own 2 feet, treats others with dignity and respect and lives with the consequences of their actions. 


Bill Durkin goes through the base counter and tight end counters he runs and how to be successful in doing so. He demonstrates how in the Counter, the backside guard pulls and kicks out the first man outside the tackle.


The Counter play can significantly help you run the ball by exposing A & B gaps in both the base counter and TE counter. He also talks about the play versus a variety of fronts such as the odd front, under front and over front. He diagrams each look with a drawing and then follows up with many examples on film.




The Coach


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Coach Bill Durkin joined the Coastal Carolina football staff in March 2014. Coach Durkin finished up his first year coaching the OL after previously coaching the TE/OT's in 2018-19. Prior to that, he coached the RB's from 2014-17. Coach Durkin, a graduate of UMass Amherst, also has stints coaching at Bowling Green State University (2010-13), Hofstra (2008-09), and Richmond (1997-07).

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Tyler Ferreria

Decent course that goes over play that is kind of different than anything else youve seen. Only take if really interested in seeing a different way to run counter/counter trey.

Jan 16, 22 10:09 PM


Very Informative. I am IN LOVE with Counter

Feb 28, 22 05:53 PM


Very Creative and makes plenty of sense as well as simple

Aug 14, 22 02:02 PM

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