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Breaking Down the Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagle Passing Game

This course will take you through all of the base concepts of the Philadelphia Eagle's passing game from the years 2013-2015 when Chip Kelly was the head coach. Although it didn't end well in Philly, this offense was still productive producing offenses that ranked 2nd, 5th, and 12th in the NFL in total offense. Here are the passer ratings of the Eagles quarterbacks during that time under Chip Kelly compared to the rest of their NFL careers:

Nick Foles; Playing for Chip Kelly: 100.5, Rest of Career: 76.2

Mark Sanchez; Playing for Chip Kelly: 86.6, Rest of Career: 71.2

Sam Bradford; Playing for Chip Kelly: 86.4, Rest of Career: 84.1

Michael Vick; Playing for Chip Kelly: 86.4, Rest of Career: 80.32

I cover the following concepts over the 3 hour and 46 minute course:

Y Cross

Y Cross (TB Option)

PA Y Cross FS Post

Naked Boot Y Cross

4 Verts

3 Verts

Shallow Cross



Mesh Pivots

Snag BS Dbl Slants

PA Snag BS Dig-Swing

Cross Snag

2 Man Snag

Slot Levels

All Curl

Speed Outs

Y Sail

Fake Cross Sail

Deep Over

I will include the statistics of each of these concepts and walk you through how they work versus different coverages and what the quarterback's thought process is on these various plays. I will then show film examples showing these plays versus different coverages.

If you purchase this course, you will also receive the full cut ups of the Eagles passing game including concepts that I did not breakdown in this course. If you have already purchased the course, send me an email at TaylorKolste@gmail.com and I will email you the full cut ups of their entire passing game.

1 Intro 01:03
2 Y Cross 20:25
3 Y Cross TB Option 11:50
4 PA Y Cross FS Post 07:25
5 Naked Boot Y Cross 08:54
6 4 Verts 29:21
7 3 Verts 09:58
8 Shallow Cross 13:02
9 Dagger 08:13
10 Mesh 14:29
11 Mesh Pivots 06:31
12 Snag BS Dbl Slants 10:57
13 PA Snag BS Dig-Swing 12:20
14 Cross Snag 09:34
15 2 Man Snag 11:06
16 Slot Levels 09:10
17 All Curl 09:43
18 Speed Outs 09:38
19 Y Sail 08:47
20 Fake Cross Sail 06:39
21 Deep Over 07:33

Taylor Kolste Taylor Kolste

You can contact Taylor at TaylorKolste@gmail.com or on Twitter at @TaylorKolste.

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Great analysis. Well worth the time and money. Thanks
Jun 19, 17 04:28 AM

Noah Riley
Noah Riley

Jun 19, 17 04:58 AM

Kyle Amann

The Breakdown of the Concepts are Phenomenal! Hoping to incorporate some of these moving forward!
Nov 22, 17 03:36 PM