Coach Randy Jackson End of Year Google Form and Daily Competition PPT for your Team

by Randy Jackson
Coach Randy Jackson End of Year Google Form and Daily Competition PPT for your Team


These are 2 timely PPT's to make your job better and get 2020 off to an awesome start.

All teams lift, run and other things to get ready for the next season. This system will explain easily how we COMPETE every day at almost every station. We do not just squat, but we pair guys up and have them compete as they are doing it. This powerpoint will take your lifting and running stations to the next level because your players will show up every day and ask, 'coach, who I got today?'

Also you can check out to access Coach Jackson's 2019 end-of-the-year form he sent his team to gather data and gauge the culture of the #goonville program.


The Coach

Randy Jackson is a 30-year coaching veteran and currently the head football coach and athletic coordinator at 5A North Forney High School in Forney, Texas.


Coach Jackson has won many awards in his twenty years as a head coach. In 2010, he and his staff orchestrated one of the biggest turnarounds in Texas high school football

history.  He helped lead Mesquite Poteet from 1-19 before his arrival to 12-3 in year one of his program and was named the Texas 4A 'Coach of the Year'.

Coach Jackson is also known for helping 'raise up' the young men in his program. In 2015, he was named the Dallas/Ft. Worth 'Tom Landry' award winner and in 2018 the Texas High School Coaches Association 'Coaching Beyond the Game' award.


In 2016 Coach Jackson took the leap and published his first book, Culture Defeats Strategy.  It has sold over 7,000 copies and is described as 'the bible of coaching culture' and a 'paint by numbers system to create a culture for any program'.

January 1 of this year, CDS 2, was released and is also being praised by coaches across the country.  

Ratings and Reviews (4)

Johnathan Ramey

Good end of the year additions to add to any program or tweaks to ask yourself and players.

Feb 12, 20 11:24 AM

John Kuhne

Some of the best information I've come across in a while.

Feb 25, 20 02:26 PM

Lance Pedersen

Well done I used some of the charts this football season!

Nov 17, 20 09:13 PM

Aaron Szabo

Great information that helped me make our schemes better.

Apr 15, 21 06:34 AM

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