Corey Mace- Rush Why’s: DL Tech & Philosophy

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Corey Mace- Rush Why’s: DL Tech & Philosophy


In this course, Corey Mace shares his strategies, tools, and techniques for mastering the art of pass rush.


The first key to a successful pass rush is knowing your personnel, or KYP. This means understanding your opponents and how they like to protect, as well as their individual habits and tendencies. By having this knowledge, players can anticipate and prepare for game day.


One way to gain this insight is by providing players with weekly knowledge sheets, which offer invaluable data on their opponents and their playing styles. These sheets reveal offensive linemen's habits and tendencies, helping players anticipate and prepare for game day.


Another crucial aspect of pass rush success is knowing where the quarterback sets up, as this information can influence rush angles and attack plans. Players should be aware of the situations, such as down and distance, as well as the importance of getting to the quarterback quickly and with violence.


Having a strong vertical presence up the middle is essential for a successful pass rush. This is the quickest way to reach the quarterback and disrupt their game. Players should be able to turn and bend corners tight from the edge position, utilizing both speed and power to their advantage.


As coaches, it is crucial to provide players with the tools they need to excel on the field. This includes giving them the knowledge and techniques necessary to improve their pass rush abilities. By offering a variety of tools and strategies, coaches can help their players become more versatile and effective in their roles.


Coach Mace also shares his thoughts on various aspects of pass rush, including the importance of understanding offensive linemen's habits, such as their hand placement, hip movement, and set types. By knowing these details, players can develop effective counter moves and strategies to exploit weaknesses in their opponents' game.


He then shares the progression of drills that build the skills and technique to create an elite pass rusher. If you are looking to get to the quarterback more this season with your defensive line, then this course has the details you need.


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Corey Mace joined the Toronto Argos in 2022, taking the role as the defensive coordinator. Previously, he was a defensive line coach for the Calgary Stampeders for six years. Mace also has some playing history under his belt as he signed with the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent where he spent three years playing defensive tackle. Mace then signed as a player for the Stampeders where he eventually switched over to the coaching role. Mace is very well rounded in the coaching side and also playing side in the game of football. 

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