Course 3: Running RPOs off of BUCK SWEEP & GUARD TRAP

by Adam Mathieson
Course 3:  Running RPOs off of BUCK SWEEP & GUARD TRAP


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Can you run various RPOs off of the BUCK SWEEP, GUARD TRAP, or POWER?



RPO to Mult-WR and Single WR sides

Pre-Snap reads to decide whether to throw it or run BUCK SWEEP / GUARD TRAP

  • Covered / Uncovered
  • Clean or Dirty Alley
  • Free, Limited, or Zero Access

Coach Mathieson goes into great detail of the blocking patterns and the many, many formations that he runs

  • BUCK SWEEP, which he calls "Double Trap"

This is Course 2 of the 15-course LEFT COAST SPREAD /  WING-T System


1 The LEFT COAST SPREAD WING-T System 0:51 2 What's In this Course 2:07
3 Different Types of RPOs 1:51 4 Buck Sweep w/Built In Screen Options 2:56 5 How the QB Reads Uncovered & Covered Receivers 3:21 6 How QB Reads Single WR Side: Clean or Dirty 2:17 7 Entire Point of the LEFT COAST SPREAD WING-T
8 Under Center Guard Trap 1:36 9 QB Footwork 0:56 10 GAME FILM: Guard Trap Under Center 1:37
11 Shotgun Guard Trap w/Pre-Snap Pass & Run Reads 3:27 12 GAME FILM: QB Pre-Snap Reads for Loose Corners & Clean Alleys 1:47 13 Shotgun Guard Trap with Smoke Screen 1:29 14 GAME FILM: Guard Trap out of Shotgun 2:16 15 Guard Trap out of Trips Formations 2:28 16 GAME FILM: Quarterback Traps out of Empty 2:12
17 Buck Sweep Under Center 1:33 18 GAME FILM: Buck Sweep Under Center 1:24
19 Buck Sweep out of Shotgun with Pre-Snap Screen & QB Run Reads 1:46 20 GAME FILM Shotgun Buck RPO 2:17 21 GAME FILM Reading a pressed corner out of the Buck RPO 1:32 22 GAME FILM Buck RPO Reading the D-End 0:58 23 Reading B-gap defender for QB keep 2:17 24 GAME FILM: Reading the Defensive End for QB Keep 2:40 25 GAME FILM: Pulling the Center on Buck Sweep vs 1-tech 2:11 26 GAME FILM: Shotgun Buck Sweep w/built-in Screen Passes. Reading Loose CB and Clean Alleys 3:38 27 WHITE BOARD: Buck Sweep out of Empty 2:00 28 GAME FILM: Buck Sweep out of Empty Sets 2:43
29 Conclusion 1:09 30 Downloadable PowerPoint 31 The LEFT COAST SPREAD WING-T System

The Coach


Adam Mathieson

Left Coast Spread / Wing-T


Coach Mathieson will be entering his 12th year as head coach and 13th year as Athletic Director for MVHS.  Previously he led Ferndale High School to a 9-2 record, league title, and state quarterfinal appearance.  He also was a college QB coach at Western Washington University (2004-2006).

Overall, Coach Mathieson is the winningest coach in Mtn. View history, compiling an 91-44 overall record (53-17 League Record), five league championships, nine post season berths, and three top 5 state finishes.

Coach Mathieson has received 7 coach-of-the-year awards, including Washington State Football Coaches Association District 1 and Northwest League Coach of the Year and the prestigious 2015 United States Marine Corps and Glazier Football Clinics Semper Fi Coaches award. 

Ratings and Reviews (7)

Coach RGA

Coach Mathieson is a high character coach with a creative offensive mind. These courses are very detailed, well organized and full of valuable information on the Shotgun Wing-T.

Mar 4, 20 01:50 PM

Michael Westmoreland

Very unique system buck trap RPO

Mar 21, 20 05:12 PM

Jason Stock

Coach Mathieson does a great job of integrating the 3 types of RPO's into Buck Sweep & Guard Trap.

Mar 26, 20 09:48 PM


Great detail on the ins and outs of the buck and RPO reads. Very easy to understand

Mar 27, 20 11:35 AM

Randall Bartley

Coach M does a nice job simplifying a modern triple option attack strategy.

Mar 27, 20 11:42 PM


I truly enjoy how he combines Under center and Shotgun! I loved it!

Mar 30, 20 08:50 AM


Great Job explaining when and how they implement their RPO system.

Apr 4, 20 05:21 AM

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