Cover 3 (1 High Zone) Match Principles vs. 2x2 Formations

by Dante Bartee
Cover 3 (1 High Zone) Match Principles vs. 2x2 Formations


This video is Part 2 of a 3-Part Series from Coach Bartee

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This course is a continuation of Coach Bartee's first offering that detailed position maintance and dividers in 1 High Middle of Field (M.O.F.) Closed Coverage.

This course goes deeper into the scheme by detailing Match Principles that allows a defense to play cover 3 and 6 and 1 High Match vs. 2x2 Offensive sets. 

NOTE: Also see this course: Understanding Position Maintenance: In M.O.F. Closed Principles 

This course is packed with Coach Bartee teaching the scheme on both the white board and thrugh game film.

Points that will be covered in this course:

- Position Maintance vs. inside and outside releases (For Corners, Safties, and L.B.'s playing the slot receiver)

- Review of pass defense areas

- Review of Dividers 

- Principles of Cover 3 and Cover 6

- Understanding the proper teaching terms for Cover 3 and Cover 6

- Understanding all the Checks for Cover 3 and Cover 6

- Teaching 3/6 Match vs. 2x2 formations

- Teaching and understanding all responsibilities in Cover 3 and Cover 6


The Coach

Dante Bartee is a rising star in the football coaching profession. His expertise in defensive teaching methodologies are beginning to be noticed by his peers.

Dante joined the Upper Iowa University football staff for his first season in 2018-19 as an assistant coach. Bartee coaches the linebackers for the Peacocks.

Bartee comes to Fayette from Tempe, Arizona where he has coached at Perry High School in Gilbert for the last four years.

At Perry, Bartee began his coaching career early on. As a junior and senior, he helped the coaching staff with film analysis and scout teams. Beginning in 2014, Bartee was part of the coaching staff for the varsity team at Perry; he was 18. In Bartee's second season he was the co-defensive coordinator before taking the role on his own over the last two seasons.

While coaching with the Pumas, Bartee completed his Bachelors Degree in justice studies at Arizona State University in December 2017.

Ratings and Reviews (11)

Rick Larrick

Makes concepts easy to understand

Jun 30, 19 10:32 AM


Coach Bartee is the Best at making complicated things make sense!

Jul 20, 19 09:50 PM

Gideon Cavallo

Really great stuff! Coach Bartee breaks down in detail how to cover all 3 levels and offense tries to make you cover. The under coverage technique is also superior and less common techniques and is explained in great detail.

Aug 2, 19 02:15 PM

Grady Breen

Absolutely fantastic! Bartee is a brilliant teacher.

Oct 8, 19 06:11 PM


Awesome! If you are going to run 1 high zone match, you have to buy this video.

Feb 10, 20 04:36 PM

Chris Brown

Dante is the next great defensive mind of the current generation.

Mar 22, 20 12:06 PM

Bobby Sharp

Outstanding video by Coach Bartee. I am impressed with his knowledge and expertise on Rip/Liz. He answered many of the questions I have searched for over the years. Awesome!!

May 1, 20 08:49 PM

Jesus Colome

Great job! If you are interested in zone match middle of the field, keep an eye on coach Bartee courses.

May 3, 20 04:22 AM

Wesley Eddy

Good job, very good job teaching

Dec 24, 20 07:57 AM

Andre Brookins


May 10, 21 11:16 AM

Brett Bogert

Throughly explained in a very understandable way.

Apr 16, 24 01:52 PM

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