Defensive Line Movements and Linebacker Blitzes

by Rick Stewart
Defensive Line Movements and Linebacker Blitzes


This is CHAPTER 4 of the Complete, 300-page playbook

EASILY go from 4-4 to a 4-2-5 to a 3-4 Defense !

Matches up with the READ & REACT videos on CoachTube.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a downloadable product.

The BASE defense has headup D-Line in 6-4-0-4 techniques.  The two D-Tackles step weak as soon as ball is snapped, putting them in the same position as traditional 1 and 3-techniques once the ball is snapped.  The philosophy is that head up defenders create more confusion for the blockers since they can slant into either gap.  The 0-tech alignment makes for an easy transition from 4 man to 3 man front.  The uncovered guards give very clean run/pass reads to the defense.

--> Does your defense have the ability to move all 4 players, just 2 players, or just 1 player?  Flexibility with Simplicity.

--> Can you move just one D-Lineman with easy calls?  The READ & REACT can put 3 DL headup, but shade just one man.  Or shade two, with the other two headup.  Or move all 4.

--> See how to blitz without having coverages to match.  The DIVORCED CONCEPT makes coverage calls completely independent of the blitz call.

--> 1, 2, and 3 Linebacker blitzes.  Checks are explained when certain blitz calls are bad versus certain formations.

-->  Peel, Trade, and Switch calls explained


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The Coach


Rick Stewart

Coaches Helping Coaches


Coach Stewart has been a football coach for 27 years, 22 at the high school level including 16 as a head coach. He took three losing programs to playoffs.

--> Won 9 games with a Pennslyvania team that hadn't won 9 games since 1982 and had only won 8 games in 5 years

--> Won 40 games in 5 years, first playoff win in 100-year school history, and back-to-back section title games at school that had won 8 games in 5 years

--> Took 0-27 Corcoran to undefeated league title in his second season.  Coaching staff remained after Stewart left and won 3 consecutive section titles

-->  During his absence, McFarland went 1-19.  Stewart led them to their 4th playoff in 2004.  This was McFarland's last winning season

-->  Took 0-24 McFarland team to its 3rd playoff in 75 years in 1999.  (Stewart took a 3-year hiatus after that season)

 Stewart also has coached basketball, serving as AAU director for girls basketball in California and tutored seven girls to D-1 scholarships. He understands what coaches want and his company, ALL ACCESS COACHING, is all about helping the next generation of coaches.

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