Designing and Installing Post Snap RPO`s Into Your Existing Offensive Structure to Create Explosive Plays

by James Vint
Designing and Installing Post Snap RPO`s Into Your Existing Offensive Structure to Create Explosive Plays


If you want to put defenses in a bind, create more explosive plays, and score more points than you ever have, you need this course.  Coach Vint is on the forefront of development of Post Snap RPO's, and this video will give you a systematic approach to installing post-snap run/pass reads into your existing offensive system. 

Defenses are always trying to find ways to add players into the box to stop the run. They want to have a numerical advantage at the point of attack. What Coach Vint has done is built a system to take advantage of defenders movement after the snap. He has designed a process of being able to read each 2nd and 3rd level defender on a defense. Whoever they decide to add to the box, you will have an answer. If they want to drop a safety into the box, you will have a simple way to answer. If they fast fold a linebacker into the box, you will have an answer. If they want to play man coverage to get an extra player in the box, you will have an answer. And each of these answers do more than keep the chains moving. They also create explosive play opportunities to help you light up the scoreboard. 

This course will give you the tools you need to be able to attack defenses on any down and distance. Coach Vint breaks down the construction and teaching of Post-Snap RPO's to give you a simple system to install them into your own offense. He also introduces PRO's, where you use the run to protect a pass concept. 

This video does more than give you RPO's you can use. Coach Vint teaches you how to build your own RPO's. He gives you a process to design RPO's that fit your system, your philosophy, and your personnel! 

  • Understanding Defensive Structures
  • Coverage Considerations
  • Building Tags
  • Reading Defenders
  • 2nd Level RPO Tags
  • 3rd Level RPO Tags
  • Concept Specific RPO's
  • Pass Run Options
  • Man Coverage Considerations
  • Teaching Post Snap RPO's

If you are looking for a course that will give you all the tools you need to build post snap RPO's into your offense, this is the course you need to get. You will gain more yards and score more points with the tools you will learn in this video! 


The Coach


James Vint

Football Coach and Clinician


James Vint has 20 years of experience as an offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and special teams coordinator at the high school and college levels. Currently he is the offensive coordinator at Estacado High School in Lubbock, Texas, where the Matadors have advanced to the regional round of the playoffs the last two seasons. In 2019 the Matadors racked up nearly 6,000 yards of offense, averaging nearly 9 yards a play. Vint's offenses are known for being innovative and on the cutting edge. He has an option background that evolved into RPO's. He first began using tempo and RPO's in 2002, and was one of the first offensive coordinators to implement the Pistol Offense back in 2003. 

As a defensive coordinator Vint led one of the biggest defensive turnarounds in the state. He took over a defense that gave up over 40 points a game, and posted 6 shutouts in his first season. His defense gave up just 6.8 points a game and 90 yards per game rushing. They posted 98 tackles for loss and over 40 sacks. His multiple 3-3 stack defense is being used by programs all over the country. 

Vint is known as one of the top football minds in the game today, and is a recognized as one of the top clinic speakers in the country. In 2019 he was named the Assistant Coac of the Year by the Texas Tech Chapter of the National Football Foundation. 

Ratings and Reviews (2)

Brandon Simmons

I absolutely enjoy this RPO course by Coach Vint. I look forward to future releasing from Coach Vint.

Apr 18, 20 09:37 PM

Eric Knott

One of the best teachers of the game, period. This course is excellent. He takes you step by step through the thought process of installing and calling these. What a tremendous help.

Apr 28, 20 11:49 AM

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