Dominate the trenches with the Big 3- FEET, HIPS, & HANDS

by Sean Peterson
Dominate the trenches with the Big 3- FEET, HIPS, & HANDS


Do you want your offensive linemen and tight ends to play with confidence, be fundamentally sound, and win blocks with technique? Learn how the 2019 Minnesota High School Class 6A state champions, the Wayzata Trojans, dominated the line of scrimmage with TECHNIQUE running inside zone, wide zone, and counter. This comprehensive course details training the feet, hips & hands to be able to play with a strong base, uncoil hips for power, and use tight hands to win blocks for high school & youth players. Practice drills, coaching points, and in game application for the drive, reach, down, and trap blocks, high leg vertical double teams, and the jump set. Plus, BONUS clinics- a never seen before clinic from Jim McNally installing the DUO play in 2009. Also, Coach McNally teaching "scoot" footwork for mid/wide zone. Downloadable documents for building culture within the oline unit, a template for grading game film (free), and more! 


2019 MN State Championship OL using feet, hips, & hands to win blocks
1 2019 State Championship Game Clips, End Zone View 3:42 2 2019 Wayzata Trojan Game Film, Run & Pass, End Zone View 13:16 3 My contact information
Fundamentals WIN!
4 The Big 3 defined 5:45 5 Buck Nystrom: thoughts on Fundamentals 0:31 6 Thoughts on Technique & Practice Organization 9:08 7 Master playing with a triangular base 5:12 8 Game film of using a triangular base to run & pass block 9:18 9 Game film of blocking WITHOUT a triangular base 5:38
Individual Drill Progression
10 2 point coil and foot fire 6:24 11 3 point coil and foot fire 9:22 12 2 point coil and drive "the fit position" 8:21 13 The drive block 10:03
High Leg Gallop Vertical Double Teams for Inside Zone & Gap Schemes
14 Coaching Points & Footwork for high leg vertical double teams 8:48 15 Inside Zone: Drills & game film of high leg doubles 18:37 16 Counter: Game film of high leg doubles 10:37 17 BONUS FILM: Jim McNally coaching high leg doubles and the DUO play 15:00 18 McNally: DUO & high leg doubles part 2 5:58 19 McNally: DUO & high leg doubles part 3 12:52
The Reach Block- Wide Zone
20 Bob Wylie: Scoot footwork 4:55 21 Jim McNally: Scoot footwork 10:56 22 The Reach block using scoot footwork: coaching points, techniques & drills 22:23 23 Wide Zone game clips: scoot footwork 12:15
Gap Scheme Fundamentals
24 The Down block 13:11 25 The Trap block 23:51
Pass Protection: The Jump Set
26 Howard Mudd: "All passes are play action" 1:03 27 The Jump Set: coaching points & examples 13:32 28 The Jump Set: practice drills 8:38 29 The Jump Set: game clips of 5 step concepts, play action & vs. movement 9:26
Little things that make a BIG DIFFERENCE
30 Oline Group Chat 5:35
Documents to download
31 Offensive Line Grading Sheet 32 Oline Grading Sheet 33 Pregame newsletter to build confidence & sell "belief" 34 Pregame Newsletter 35 Herb Hand discusses "who to & how to" on the Trench Warfare podcast 36 Herb Hand discusses "who to & how to" on the Trench Warfare podcast 37 The Big 3 triangle graphic 38 Big 3 Triangle Graphic

The Coach


Sean Peterson

OL, Wayzata High School


In his 25 year career, Coach Peterson has fifteen years of experience coaching the offensive line and tight ends in high school. He has coached on two state championship teams for Wayzata HS (MN), 2019 (OL) and 2008 (TE's). The Trojans rushed for 2858 yards in 2019, finishing 13-0, and setting a MN Prep Bowl record for most individual rushing attempts (49). Peterson has developed three Division 1 linemen in the past 3 seasons, including an FBS Power 5 Conference scholarship earner (Syracuse). The Trojans' rushing yardage tripled in the first two seasons with Peterson coaching the OL (904 yds. in '17 to 2858 yds. in '19).

Table shows a three year comparison before & after Peterson's arrival at Wayzata HS. 

Category '15-'17 '18-'20 % Increase
Total Rushing Yards  2822 5771 105%
Total Passing Yards 3033 4379 44.4%
Total Offensive Yards 5855 9879 69%
Regular Season Rushing Yards 1982 4242 114%
Regular Season Passing Yards 2228 3401 52.6%
Rush Yds./Game Regular Season 82.6 192.82 133%
Total Offensive Points 560 791 41.3%

Ratings and Reviews (3)


Coach Peterson does an excellent job of breaking down Oline play. It is a nice mix of drill tape and game film. He uses several different offensive line coaching mentors to form a solid philosophy. Well worth purchasing this course to enhance your knowledge of Oline play and technique.

Aug 4, 21 09:30 PM

Sergio Morales


Dec 29, 21 07:58 AM

Alfred Bradford

great course. easy to understand and see. I really like how the drills translate directly to game. definitely will be incorporating some these drills and techniques!

Jun 11, 23 10:16 PM

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