Earning A Scholarship: Creating A 5 Star Highlight Film

by James Vint
Earning A Scholarship: Creating A 5 Star Highlight Film


Getting a scholarship is hard! There is over $3.6 Billion in athletic scholasrhip money given each year, but less than 2% of high school athletes will earn a scholarship. Your highlight film is the first key to earning a scholarship. If a college coach likes your film, the door opens to receiving an offer. But if you don't have a great film. you won't have a chance at an offer. In this course, you will learn some simple tips to use when you create your highlight film so coaches will actually watch your film. Many highlight films get turned off before the 2nd clip gets watched. You need to know these tips so coaches will keep watching your film.

This course will also help you to make sure you get a true evalation of your film. You will learn exactly what clips you need to include in your highlight film based on your position. The highlight film is what will set you apart for further evaluation. Thousands of good players lose opportunities for scholarships because they have a poorly put together highlight film. Coach Vint takes you through each position on the field, showing you exactly what clips you need to include for the position you play. He also shows you what to include in your special teams film. This course will help you to build the perfect highlight film, that will truly showcase your talents for college coaches. 

This course comes from Coach Vint's megacourse on rexruiting. 


The Coach


James Vint

Football Coach and Clinician


James Vint has been involved in recruiting for over 20 years. He has been a high school recruiting coordinator, college coach and recruiter, and is a trusted resource and recruiting consultant for parents, students, and coaches, helping them to increase their opportunities to earn athletic scholarships. He has given hundreds of recruiting seminars and programs across the country over the last 15 years. He is one of the most respected coaches in the country when it comes to educating prospects, coaches, and parents. He has helped hundreds of athletes build highlight films that truly showcase their ablities and help them gain more scholarship opportunities. 

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