Effective High School Air Raid Offense 2022

by 92 Mesh Group
Effective High School Air Raid Offense 2022


Ever wonder what to do with that playbook you've memorized?  Got all these plays you know but not how they fit together?  In this course Coach Coltharp, a longtime Air Raid Coach at the High School level takes you through how they have shrunken the Air Raid Playbook with the "INSTALL what you will CALL" philosophy.  He takes you through the 11-plays that they run on a regular basis, and through both diagrams and high school film examples shows how each play compliments the next and created one of the most explosive offensives statiscally in North Carolina history last season.  This course covers:

  • Philosophy
  • Why you limit your playbook further
  • Why you chose the plays you do.
  • Practice Schedules
  • Running Game
  • Pass Protection
  • Quick Game
  • Screen Game
  • Drop Back Passing Game

You won't want to miss this course as one participant in the actually clinic version said "The great thing about this presentation was that it was ANSWER-based, You actually told us why you have this play, or why you call that one."


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Coach Coltharp is a nationally know speaker on the Air Raid Offense.  He runs a popular youtube channel "Air Raid Nation", and has authored over 20 courses on the Air Raid.  He has been a high school 4 times in NC at every playing level in public schools.  He played collegiately at Appalachian State, and also spent a year as a college offensive coordinator.  His courses are noted for their easy understandibility and organization.  He has studied the Air Raid under many of the top coaches in the country.

Ratings and Reviews (5)

Zach Klaustermeier

This was an awesome course/clinic to be a part of. Always love Coach's look and spin on things. He has really helped me increase my knowledge for the Air Raid!

Jul 27, 22 12:16 PM

John Salazar

Great course!

Aug 7, 22 07:32 PM

Kale Hixon

Great course!

Feb 20, 23 09:59 AM

Caleb Hughes

Fantastic clinic!

Apr 6, 23 06:25 AM

Matt Edwards


Jun 17, 23 12:48 PM

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