Eight-Man Front With Combination-Man Coverages: Blitz and Nickel Packages

Eight-Man Front With Combination-Man Coverages: Blitz and Nickel Packages details the coverages that teams that employ an eight-man front can utilize effectively in packages. This course outlines the key factors involved in the various types of coverage techniques that can be used in the two packages. Among the topics covered in each coverage call are the rules, alignments, and responsibilities.

Among the topics covered:

• Blitz package
• Blitz: field demonstrations
• Nickel package
• Nickel: field demonstrations

1 Introduction to Blitz and Nickel Packages 01:50
Blitz Package
2 Strike 02:50
3 Double Dogs 01:42
4 Blitz Check 04:03
5 War Call 01:46
6 Cat Stunt 04:45
Blitz Demonstrations
7 Strike Stunt 02:21
8 Double Dog Stunt 02:44
9 Smash Stunt 01:33
10 War Stunt 01:50
11 Cat Stunt 01:40
Nickel Package
12 Nickel Package 04:07
13 Two-Deep Coverage 03:10
14 Clamp 03:14
15 Blitz 01:10
16 Double Dogs 01:25
17 Four-Man Rushes 02:08
Nickel Demonstrations
18 Nickel 02:37
19 Clamp 03:15
20 Strike Call 00:39
21 War Stunt 01:54

DeanCampbell Dean Campbell Former SCC Coach for Arkansas Razorbacks

Coach Campbell has a strong history in coaching at the university level.   Since 2008, he has served on the staff of the Arkansas Razorbacks with Coach Bobby Petrino as the Director of High School Relations.  Prior to his time at Arkansas, Coach Campbell served at the Air Force Academy for seven highly successful seasons.  Campbell coached running backs the first five seasons and defensive backs his last two seasons at the AirForce Academy. Campbell's offensive coaching expertise was evident as Air Force ranked in the top five college teams nationally in rushing each season that he coached the running backs.  Campbell also coached five of the six halfbacks in school history who have surpassed the 1,000 yard mark in their careers. He helped Air Force to victory in the 2000 Silicon Valley Football Classic and helped coach the Falcons to an appearance in the postseason San Francisco Bowl.  Coach Campbell also has experience on the defensive side of the ball. Prior to coming to Air Force, Campbell coached at Texas Tech (under legendary Spike Dykes) for eight seasons. He was the defensive backs coach for seven seasons and coached inside linebackers for a season.   With a rich history and strong experience, Coach Campbell has also coached at Texas A&M, New Mexico, North Carolina, the University of Texas, and Rice University.  

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