Essential Drills for Coaching the Mesh in the Triple Option
by Payton Haynes

X's and O's can make you good. Fundamentals will make you great.

As every good coach knows, great fundamentals will turn an ordinary offense into a well-oiled, touchdown-scoring machine.

But if you don't know how to teach the process, how will you know how to fix it? 


Practice doesn't always make perfect

It's true, repititon is the key to mastery. When it comes to the triple option, the mesh is what makes this offense go.

But if you're repeating the wrong coaching points, you're making your players worse!


Master the Meshpoint

Coach Payton Haynes gives you a step-by-step process for teaching and drilling the mesh.

In this hour-long course, you'll get everything you need to properly teach, drill, and correct the mesh for three of the staple plays of the triple option: The inside veer, the outside veer, and the midline. 


Precision drills that get results 

Get coached up on the finer points of the mesh, and the drills used to teach it.


Create exceptional ball security 

The one simple coaching point to completely eliminate fumbles on the mesh!


Watch it go to work! 

Coach Haynes walks you through a half hour of All-22 game film, and shows you how this offense works when you take it from the practice field to the game field.


What are you waiting for?

Book this course now!


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PaytonHaynes Payton Haynes Offensive Coordinator and QB/RB Coach at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa

Payton Haynes is the Offensive Coordinator and QB/RB Coach at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.


As a Coach Prior to Luther

- Running backs and Slots Coach - William Penn University, IA 2011-2012

- Helped lead William Penn the NAIA in rushing yards per game in 2011 and total rushing yards in 2012

- 2012 Mid-States West Conference Champions

- Assistant Coach (QB/WR) Willard High School (MO) 2008-2009

- Assistant Coach (QB/OLB) Reeds Spring High School (MO) 2007


As an Athlete

- Played QB at Missouri Southern State University (MO) and William Penn University (IA)

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