Establishing Tempo in the Nzone Offense

In this webinar with Coach Noel Mazzone. He goes over the following topics regarding the Tempo of his offense:
-Why we go fast?
-Different types of Tempo in the Zone system:
*Base Tempo
*Nascar tempo
*Dummy Tempo
*Back-up Tempo
-Plays paired with certain Tempos
-Extra Coaching points from Coach Mazzone
-And more!

TheFootballNerd TheFootballNerd I am a nerd when it comes to the game. And I know more coaches out there are the same and want to learn as badly as I do. So this is my way of sharing anything I have on my hands to other coaches across the country

Coach Noel Mazzone is an excellent teacher and I was honored to have one of his webinars that he spoke on. I wanted to make this video available for Coaches who love the Nzone system or simply want to make their offense go faster or use certain tempos to through the defense off balance. 

I always want to put the best thing out for the coaches who follow me and are wanting a football education as badly as I am. I am hoping this can be a help to any coach out there willing to learn more about the game.

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