Heritage 3-4 Rouge Total Defensive System

by Jeremy New
Heritage 3-4 Rouge Total Defensive System


This is the absolute best 3-4 total defensive package. It includes:
- Technique breakdown
- Stunts in PDF
- Descriptions of stunts and coverages
- Game footage of defense
- Tackling circuit
- Install charts for summer and spring
- Practice Scripts
- Game Call Sheets
- Goal Board
- How to Kill the Zone
- Everything you need to know about an attacking 3-4 Defense to have your team setting school records for fewest points allowed in a season, most sacks in a season, most interceptions in a season, most fumbles caused in a season, most defensive points scored in a season, most tackles for a loss in a season, most shutouts in a season, and most wins in a season.


1 Intro into The 3-4 Rogue Defense 4:04
Coverages and Alignments
2 Heritage Coverages 12:47 3 Alignments 7:06
Position Reads and Techniques
4 DL Reads and Techniques 11:38 5 ILB Reads and Techniques 8:19 6 OLB Reads and Techniques 7:49 7 Corners Reads and Techniques 11:00 8 Safety Reads and Techniques 14:09
Field Stunts and Coverages
9 Blue Sam Explanation 11:28 10 Blue Sam Game Tape 6:09 11 Blue Strike Explanation 3:42 12 Blue Strike Game Tape 6:27 13 Blue Sting Explanation 3:01 14 Blue Sting Game Tape 3:34 15 Blue Slam Explanation 2:47 16 Blue Slam Game Tape 2:29
Boundary Stunts and Coverages
17 Orange Jack Explanation 3:34 18 Orange Jack Game Tape 4:19 19 Orange Cloud Jack Explanation 2:56 20 Orange Cloud Jack Game Tape 4:56 21 Orange Cloud Joker Explanation 5:06 22 Orange Joker Game Tape 5:23 23 Orange Cloud Jester Explanation 3:31 24 Orange Cloud Jester Game Tape 5:21
Middle Pressures
25 Black and White Explanation 6:22 26 Monster Game Tape 1:28
Cover 2 and 4
27 Green Explanation 7:17 28 Green Game Tape 8:10 29 Gold Game Tape 5:49
Man and Invert 1
30 Money Explanation 7:27 31 Money Game Tape 4:58 32 Red Explanation 3:49 33 Red Game Tape 4:24
Dragon (5 man Front)
34 Dragon Explanation 3:27 35 Dragon Game Tape 8:35
36 FIB 2:17 37 Nub Checks Explanation 4:14 38 Nub Check Game Tape 3:21
39 Defending the Zone 10:11 40 Tackling Circuit 11:21
Bonus File Downloads
41 Stunts and Coverages Zip File 42 Install Schedules 43 2018 Practice Schedules 44 Weekly Game Plans 45 Game Day Call Sheets 46 Miscellaneous Files

The Coach

Coach New graduated from Carrollton High School in 2002 where he was a Quarterback.  Upon graduation, he attended the University of West Alabama where he played Quarterback and Wide Receiver from 2002-2004.  He transferred to Shorter University as part of the Inaugural class and played Outside Linebacker from 2005-2007.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Shorter University in 2008.  Coach New begins his eleventh year of coaching at Heritage High School as the Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator.  Coach New married his wife Deanna and they have 2 children.  Under Coach New the Generals have set school records for fewest points allowed in a season, most sacks in a season, most interceptions in a season, most fumbles caused in a season, most defensive points scored in a season, most tackles for a loss in a season, most shutouts in a season, and most wins in a season. 

Ratings and Reviews (6)


Great information for anyone considering converting or using some form of the 3-4 defense. I really like the fact that he goes over all the fronts, stunts, and coverages. He does an awesome job of explaining his reason for each front, stunt, and coverage. He also explains using game footage, which helps viewers understand the reason for each concept.

Feb 13, 19 11:35 AM

Jamie New

The Rouge defense has put a new twist on the traditional 3-4. This system created by Coach New is user friendly and has everything broken down in a manner that is easy to understand. Worth every penny!

Jan 10, 19 11:52 AM


Coach New's Rogue 3-4 Defensive System is a great resource for all coaches wanting to become more fluent in the 3-4 defense. A very detailed course that does a great job of explaining the what, the why, and the how! Personally, my favorite part of the course is how detailed the film cut-ups are.

Jan 13, 19 11:20 AM


The Heritage Rouge Defensive course was very helpful for me. Being an offensive guy, I try to spend some time watching and learning what defenses are trying to do against different offensive sets. Coach New does a great job explaining each formation, stunt, and coverage. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to install the 3-4 defense as well as offensive guys trying to get a better understanding of what defensive guys are trying to do to attack your offense.

Apr 9, 19 06:59 AM

Rich Dombroski

Phenomenal presentation of your system. Extremely simple and efficient. We'll be implementing it this fall. No doubt our kids will grasp everything right away.

Apr 23, 20 09:54 AM

Yaw Herring

Great presentation with detailed information on the system. Coach New does a phenomenal job of breaking down every position group and their reads (complete with film) to make it an easy install for any level. Highly recommend this system.

Jul 28, 20 06:51 PM

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