How to WIN The Recruiting Process and Earn an Athletic Scholarship

by James Vint
How to WIN The Recruiting Process and Earn an Athletic Scholarship


Getting a college scholarship is hard! This course will give you the information you need to help navigate the complex waters of college recruiting. Over $3.6 Billion in scholarships are awared each year, but less than 2% of high school athletes will earn scholarship money. This course will give you the tools to maximize your opportunities to earn an athletic scholarship. This course contains resources and tools that you can download and use throughout your recruitment. Coach Vint also takes you through the entire process of building a recruiting plan, to help you earn that coveted athletic scholarship. 

You will learn about the entire life cycle of the college recruiting process, as well as:

  • Paying For College
  • Academic Requirements
  • Physical Requirements
  • Gaining Exposure and Marketing Yourself
  • Social Media and Recruiting
  • Building Momentum With Social Media
  • Camps and Showcases
  • Choosing The Right College
  • How The Transfer Portal Has Affected Recruiting
  • Covid and Recruiting
  • 10 Keys To Becoming A Scholarship Athlete
  • Things That Sabotage the Process
  • Mistakes Parents Make, and The Parental Role
  • Building A Recruiting Plan
  • And much, much more
  • Downloadable Templates To Help You Maximize Your Opportunities

While this course focuses on football, the knowledge and tools you will get from this course are applicable to athletes wanting scholarships in other sports as well. If you were to attend this course in person as a weekend seminar, you would pay hundreds of dollars! Coach Vint wanted to make this course accessible to everyone who wanted to learn this valuable information. You will have lifetime access to this course, as well as the resources and downloads that are provided. 


Introduction and Overview
1 Introduction and Overview 12:21
Paying For College
2 Paying For College 10:41
Earning A College Athletic Scholarship
3 Overview of the Recruiting Process 6:23 4 NCAA Recruiting Terms 15:52 5 The First Step In The Recruiting Process- Letting Schools Know Who You Are 25:49
How You Will Be Evaluated
6 The Evaluation Process 28:20 7 The Role of Measurables In The Evaluation Process 33:12
Creating A Highlight Film That Will Earn You An Offer!
8 Tips For Creating A Highlight Film Coaches Will Actually Watch 5:25 9 Choosing Clips and Building A 5-Star Highlight Film 29:52
Social Media and Recruiting
10 Building Your Brand With Social Media 9:15 11 Building Momentum With Social Media 17:54
Making The Most Of The Recruiting Process
12 What You Need to Know And Do During The Recruiting Process 32:55 13 Playing Multiple Sports 5:44
Maximizing Opportunities and Exposure With Camps and Showcases
14 Keys to Making Camps and Showcases Increase Scholarship Opportunities 25:20 15 Hacks and Tips for Camps and Showcases 18:15 16 Travel 7-on-7 and Exposure 6:20
Visiting Colleges
17 Visiting Colleges 6:52
Coaches Visiting You
18 Coaches Visiting You 5:42
What Can Go Wrong?
19 What Can Go Wrong 6:27
People I Trust
20 Trusted Resources 12:51
Covid And Recruiting
21 How Covid 19 Affected Recruiting 4:34
10 Keys to Getting A Scholarship Offer
22 10 Keys to Getting A Scholarship Offer 6:25
Parents and Recruiting
23 Parent Role in Recruiting 10:06
Building A Recruiting Plan
24 The Recruiting Timeline 7:48 25 Recruiting Plan Step-By-Step 27:18 26 Recruiting Plan: After You Sign 7:35
Next Steps
27 Next Steps 10:47
Links and Resources and Downloads
28 Important Links 29 Goal Worksheet 30 Visit Rating Form 31 School Tracking Form 32 NCAA Core GPA Calculator 33 Player Profile 34 Player Profile Template 35 Recruiting Checklist By Grade 36 Introduction 20:21

The Coach


James Vint

Football Coach and Clinician


James Vint has been involved in recruiting for over 20 years. He has been a high school recruiting coordinator, college coach and recruiter, and is a trusted resource and recruiting consultant for parents, students, and coaches, helping them to increase their opportunities to earn athletic scholarships. He has given hundreds of recruiting seminars and programs across the country over the last 20 years. He is one of the most respected coaches in the country when it comes to educating prospects, coaches, and parents. 

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