Inside Linebacker Block Protection & Block Shedding
by Bill Williams

Everyone knows how important proper tackling form is, but if your defenders can't get off blocks, they'll never get an opportunity to make a tackle in the first place.

This course covers topics including:

- Coaching the "Run Thru" to break up plays before they get going

- Playing the cutback

- Inside Linebacker Drills

- Defeating the puller

- And more!

Don't wait! Get your defenders coached up and more dangerous today!


1 ILBs - Stance, Knees, Hips, Hands, Chest, Sway, Side Sway
2 Stationary Pin. Roll into and No Flinch
3 Coming over the Top - Vision
4 Playside LB - Footwork & Gather vs Blocker or Ball Carrier
5 Playside LB Vision - Rectangle Opens - Run Thru Intro
6 Rectangle Shuts - Vision Decision
7 Think Brooms
8 Polish-Vice - Tackle
9 Get Your Head Out In Front As You Shoot Your Gun
10 Playside ILB - Rock Back. Dot Drill. Buzzwords and Coaching Points
11 Playside LB - Downhill and Rock Back. Parallel. Zig Zag
12 Playside LB vs Stretch Base Intro: Eyes-Feet-Pad Level
13 Playside LB - Puller Fit Intro in Stretch Base. 2 Way Go
14 Playside LB - Flat Read - Intro to Gallup and Scrape Paint
15 Playside - Stretch Base Backside Cut Off
16 Playside LB - Near Foot - Sprint Gather to Tackle
17 Playside LB - Footwork to Tackle vs Cutback
18 Playside - Stretch Base Block Pro
19 Playside LB's vs Stretch Base - Game Cuts
20 Playside LB's vs Base Block and Lead Blocks - Game Cuts
21 Playside LB's - Flat Read Drills - Game Cuts
22 Playside LB's - Puller Fit Drills - Game Cuts
23 MORE - Flat Read - Game Cuts
24 Backside ILB's - Eyes and Block Pro Discipline
25 Backside ILB - No Dropdown
26 Backside ILB - Intro to Ricochet - No Dropdown
27 Backside ILB - "100" Has a Dropdown +- Throw-by to Gather
28 Backside ILB - Block Pro vs Soft Cut
29 Backside ILB - No Dropdown Drills
30 Backside LB - Drop Down / No Drop Down
31 Backside Block Pro vs Step It
32 Backside LB - Getting Over the Top - Coaches Player Quiz
33 Plus and Minus Gather
34 Backside ILB Drills
35 Sleds and Bags
36 Backside ILB vs Run - Game Cuts

BillWilliams Bill Williams In the Business of Coaching Coaches

BIll Williams has, over the years, conducted in-service staff clinics for high schools from 32 states. On the collegiate level, his clients included coaches from Washington, Washington State, Hawaii, UCLA, Williamette University (OR), University of Redlands (CA), University of San Diego, University of Texas, Texas A&M, Southeastern Oklahoma State, Stanford, Sul Ross State (TX), Trinity University (TX), Colorado State, University of Louisiana-Monroe, Auburn, Southeastern Louisiana, Virginia, Delta State (MS), WIlliam & Mary, Ohio University, Ohio Northern, North Central (IL), Olivet College (MI), Buffalo & North Carolina.

On the professional level, clients have included the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Rams, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Giants, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers and from the CFL the Edmonton Eskimos and the Montreal Alouettes.

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