Jet Shotgun Wing T System for Youth Football

by Jeff Hemhauser
Jet Shotgun Wing T System for Youth Football


The Jet Shogun Wing T (Gun T) system will give your offense a structured attack. This system features plays that all complement each other. The Shotgun T is built around the Jet Sweep play. The Jet Sweep play will allow you to get your athletes the ball in space very quickly. Jet will force the defense to widen, which will leave them vulnerable for the complement plays. This is a true ‘IF-THEN’ system. IF the defense does this, THEN we call that. To truly be a successful offense, you must be able to attack all areas of the field.  This offense will allow you to do just that! This offense will stretch the defense horizontally with the run game and vertically with the passing game.

This offense will allow you to attack all areas of the field, which will make the defense have to defend all areas of the field. This playbook has plays for all your skilled position players. Forcing the defense to prepare for all your skilled position players is difficult to do.

This system will give your offense structure- not just a bunch of random plays. All plays in this playbook complement each other. This offense attacks the defense with the Jet Sweep Series. The defense can commit to stopping any one play. If they do, they will leave themselves open to get beat by a complement.

This offense is explosive- even if you don’t have an abundance of great athletes. If you do have great athletes, this offense will be absolutely lights out. Having a structured attack will allow you hit with all the complement plays off of the Jet Sweep.

Playbook Includes
Numbering system, formation overview, line splits, snap count, motion timing, blocking schemes, pass blocking scheme, shotgun snap, no huddle play calling system, install schedule, and player placement.

Plays Included
Jet Series: Jet Sweep to SE side, Jet Sweep to the TE side,  Jet Power to the SE side, Jet Power to the TE side, Trap, Buck, Reverse Buck, Post-Wheel, Seams, Flood, and No Play.

Unbalanced Formation: Jet Sweep and Jet Power.

Bonus Plays: QB Sweep, Counter Buck, and QB Belly.

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If you are interested we have a complete PDF of the playbook that we can email you. Shoot us an email- YouthFootballOnline@gmail.com 


The Coach


Jeff Hemhauser

Co-founder of Youth Football Online


Coach Jeff has been youth football coach for 15 years. He is also co-found of Youth Football Online, which is a leading resource for youth football coaches. Youth Football Online was estblashed in 2010. 

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John Keeney

This course gave me the confidence to run this offense this fall with my 3rd grade team. We went undefeated and averaged 30+ pts a game. Highly recommend this course. Thanks coach!

Nov 28, 23 05:27 AM

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