John Hughes - Run Game fundamentals/Gap Schemes/Handling DL Movement

by Southern California Football Coaches Clinic
John Hughes - Run Game fundamentals/Gap Schemes/Handling DL Movement


Do you want to make your offensive line impenetrable and manhandle the defense? Well, you've come to the right place! In this course, Coach John Hughes delivers 4 key topics you need to know and learn in order to make your offensive line successful. He breaks down in detail the Schemes and CombosDrills, Counter Run Game, and Power Down that you need to know to be able to successfully stop the defense in their tracks. He breaks down these things with film and diagrams to be able to fully teach you how they all work and fit together. If you are a coach who wants to enhance your Offensive Line and maximize their potential, then this is the course for you!

He starts the course out by detailing what it means to be an Offensive Linemen and all the standards and expectations that deal with playing at Dixie State. Coach reveals a detailed overview of everything he will be talking about and reveals a lot of insight and philosophy on what works for him and his team. He ends the chapter by speaking on Finishing and a Run Game Overview that you do not want to miss!  One of his most important things is teaching his players the difference between zone and gap schemes. 

Next, he breaks down his Frontside and Backside Gap Schemes. On the Frontside of the Gap Scheme, the Offensive Linemen are responsible for their own down gap. He also shows off different types of alignments and techniques in diagrams based on how the defense is lined up. This will ensure that your Offensive Linemen can handle any kind of formation that is thrown at them. He also speaks on double teams and how to properly execute them. On the Backside of the Gap Scheme, he breaks down the different types of pulls that he incorporates into his offense. He details the point of his pulls and the Flat and Skip Pulls. If you want to learn more about these pulls or gap responsibilities, then you do not want to miss out on this course!

After breaking down the Gap Schemes, he moves on to Drills. He starts out by breaking down each drill and sharing what they help teach and how they can apply to gameday. He shows off the film of each drill so that you can see exactly how to recreate them and utilize them in your practices this season. 

Finally, Coach Hughes breaks down the Counter Run Game and Power Down systems. He shows off multiple diagrams of his Gap Combos and Variations of his Counter Run Game then takes it further with game film to see it in play. He uses both GT and GY Counters. He believes the Power Down is the ultimate play in football and teaches you how to implement it into your offense. If you are a coach who wants to add new things to your Offensive Line or master the Gap Schemes, then this is the course for you!


The Coach

John Hughes | Dixie State University | Run Game Coordinator / Offensive Line Coach

Coach John Hughes is in his 3rd year at Dixie State University as the Run Game Coordinator / Offensive Line Coach. In 2019, he helped the school break some records like the amount of rushing touchdowns with the help of his Offensive Line expertise. They even set a single-season record with 31 passing touchdowns.  

Coaching Experience:

  • Dixie State University (2019-Present)
  • Western Colorado (2018)
  • The University of Colorado (2016-2018)
  • The University of Akron (2013-2015)
  • Humboldt State University (2012)

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