Kyle Flood, University of Texas - Inside Zone Play with Variations and RPO

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Kyle Flood, University of Texas - Inside Zone Play with Variations and RPO


Coach Kyle Flood of the University of Texas, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, breaks down how you can perfect your teams inside zone play. In this educational course, he uses game and practice footage to show you how to coach inside zone combinations as well as the man reach technique. Coach Flood also shows defenders in different shades and positions, explaining to you how to block them. 


1 Bob Wylie Introduction 1:22 2 What Makes An Effective Blocker? 2:18 3 Strike Down The Middle, Feet Gaining Ground, Upper Body Lifting 2:36 4 Right Tackle Low To High 0:55 5 Left Tackle Low To High 0:46 6 Inside Zone Play 4:22 7 Key Coaching Points For The Offensive Line 2:19 8 Near Foot Lead Shoulder Punch 2:32 9 Man Reach Inside Zone (On The Body) 2:06 10 Center Man Reach 1:20 11 vs a 3 Technique 0:55
Man Reach Inside Zone (Off The Body)
12 Man Reach Inside Zone (Off The Body) 1:28 13 Left Guard & Tackle 0:38
14 Cutoff Block 1:12 15 4i Cutoff 0:25 16 Backside Hand In The Framework Of The Body 0:25
Inside Zone Combination Block Game Film
17 Inside Zone Combo's 2:02 18 Keep The Majority Of You Hand Pressure In Your Near Hand 0:59 19 Single To Plus Linebacker 0:28 20 vs Single 2i 0:22 21 vs a Backside 3 Technique 0:28 22 Center Snap Off 0:19 23 If The Center Is Two Gapped, Transitions To Hands 0:57 24 Right Guard & Tackle Settle Lift 0:33 25 Center Cannot Drift 0:58 26 If The Color Disappears... 0:47 27 Single Shade 1:35 28 Snap Off & Climb 0:34 29 vs a 2 or 3 Technique 1:52 30 Open The Hips, Strike Their Near Number 0:27 31 Single 2t 0:45 32 Don't Work Around Things, Work Through Them 0:24 33 Make The Linebacker Commit 0:55 34 Perfect Picture 0:33 35 Single To The A Gap 0:31 36 Shoulder Punch To The Outside 1:26 37 Single 3 Technique 4i Cutoff 0:41 38 Double 4i's 1:04 39 Near Foot Lead Footwork 0:24 40 Double 4 Techniques 0:48 41 The Linebacker Is Over The Player, So They Have To Stay Square 0:45 42 A Gap Zero Technique 0:37 43 Near Foot Lead Can Allow The Block To Change 0:48 44 Double 4i w/ A-Gap Zero Technique 0:43 45 Snap To Hip Mentality 1:00 46 Center Keeps His Eyes In The Playside Gap 0:13
A Across
47 A Across 0:22 48 Being Short In Your Blocks Inconveniences Your Running Back 0:54 49 Center & Left Guard Snap To Hip & Climb 0:13 50 The Hip Provides Enough Leverage 0:26 51 Take All Of Him, But Keep Your Eyes In The Gap 1:20 52 A Across w/ 4i Cutoff 0:22 53 If You Feel Movement, Use The Backside Hand 0:44 54 Keep The Eyes Playside 0:44 55 A w/ Backside Shade 1:31 56 Center Becomes The Settle Lift Player 0:59 57 Get On The Near Number & Push 0:36
Left Tackle Helmet Adjustment
58 Left Tackle Helmet Adjust 1:37 59 How To Block Cross Dogs On A Zone Play 1:57 60 B Gap Closing From An Outside Angle 0:29 61 Anyone Outside The Box, Is The Quarterbacks Responsibility 2:50
Questions & Answers With Coach Flood
62 Q & A 28:28 63 FREE Preview Q&A - Coaching the Insert Player 2:22

The Coach

Kyle flood was named the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at The University of Texas on January 22, 2021. He comes from the Alabama coaching staff, commanding the offensive line. Flood took over Alabama’s offensive front after two years on the Atlanta Falcons’ coaching staff. Prior to that, he guided the Rutgers football program for four seasons from 2012-15 and spent 11 seasons on staff in Piscataway. Flood became the first head coach in school history to lead the program to three bowl appearances in his first three seasons at the helm and finished with a 27-24 overall record. Before becoming the head coach at Rutgers, he spent seven years (2005-11) on head coach Greg Schiano’s staff. He oversaw the offensive line all seven years while adding run game coordinator to his duties in 2007, assistant head coach in 2008 and co-offensive coordinator in 2010

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Coach Medlock

Great information!

Dec 2, 21 04:39 PM

Tyler Ferreria

My go-to for inside zone cut ups and questions. Coach knows his blocking schemes and all the details to block zone. Great cut ups and combo demonstrations. Also like the details on cutoff/backside blocking specifically. Really like his overall delivery/presentation in general as well.

Jan 16, 22 09:30 PM

Justin Jones


Feb 24, 23 07:49 AM

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