MatchQuarters Guide to the Belly-Key Technique for Linebackers

by Cody Alexander
MatchQuarters Guide to the Belly-Key Technique for Linebackers


In this course Coach Alexander discusses the difference between the "Stack-Track-Fall Back" technique used in 3-Down defenses to a Belly-Key. The clinic goes through both techniques explaining the difference in the two while showing you how the Belly-Key can give you an advantage against Spread offenses. Coach A. goes through the technique in a 4-down, 3-down, and uses whiteboard and film to demonstrate the technique. With five sections, Coach clearly defines the technique and gives you examples to work off. Just remember, live in your 6" steps!

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Coach Alexander is the author of a site dedicated to the defensive side of the ball. Along with the website, Coach A. has written three books on defense, Cautious Aggression: Defending Modern Football, Hybrids: The Making of a Modern Defense, and most recently Match Quarters: A Modern Guidebook to Split-Field Coverages. 

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Kevin Booth

The video is fantastic! Whether you are a 3 man front or 4 man front, Coach Alexander does a great job of showing how you can use these techniques to make your football team better! He provides a sound explanation on whiteboard and then breaks down game tape to highlight the techniques! Great Video

Mar 20, 20 11:16 AM


Thanks again for this amazing work.

May 1, 20 02:32 AM

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