Matt Jones - Counter: Pulling for Success

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Matt Jones - Counter: Pulling for Success


In this course, Coach Matt Jones talks about the intracacies of the UTM Counter play, specifically highlighting the skip pull technique employed by their guards. Coach Jones starts the clinic by discussing some of his teaching philosophies with the OL along with several types of pull techniques employed by the offense. He introduces several scenarios they encounter from the playside DE and how the skip pull combats each one. Coach Jones showcases several video examples against each defensive scenario. Coach Jones concludes the presentation with a recorded question and answer section.


1 Introduction 1:18 2 Teaching Progression 2:20 3 Run System 2:43 4 Building the Run Game 1:28 5 "Same As" Mentality 1:27 6 Teaching Defense 4:14 7 Hierarchy of Fundamentals 2:40
Pulling for Success
8 Tools for your Toolbox 1:26 9 Frontside Foot Lead Pulls 1:57 10 Backside Foot Trigger Pulls 1:03 11 Why use the Skip Pull 6:31 12 Skip Pull Technique 2:32
Versus Wrong Arm
13 Skip Pull vs Wrong Arm (Field Drill) 1:17 14 2 Back Counter Trey with TE Kickout vs Over - Give Read 5:38 15 2 Back Counter Trey with TE Bluff vs Over - Give Read 2:39 16 Motion to 2 Back Counter Trey with TE Arc vs Under - Pull Read 1:22 17 1 Back Counter Trey vs Under - Give Read 1:27 18 Unbalanced 2 Back Counter Trey with RB Lead - Give Read 4:04
Versus Surf/Square Squeeze
19 Skip Pull vs Surf/Square Squeeze (Field Drill) 0:29 20 Under Center H-Counter with Orbit Motion vs Under 2:17 21 QB Counter Trey with Nasty Split vs Over - Pull Read 1:28
Versus Box/Hard Joint Film
22 Skip Pull vs Box/Hard Joint (Field Drill) 0:58 23 Motion to 2 Back Counter Trey with TE Bluff vs Over - Give Read 1:46 24 1 Back Counter Trey vs Over - Give Read 0:51
Versus High Rush
25 Skip Pull vs High Rush (Field Drill) 0:51 26 Motion to Empty QB H-Counter 1:39 27 1 Back Counter Trey vs Under - Give Read 1:27
Question & Answer
28 Q&A - Having Pullers on Different Levels 1:21 29 Q&A - Skip Pulling to a 3 Man Surface 0:44 30 Q&A - Handling Aggressive Backside LB's 0:58 31 Q&A - Technique of Pulling Tackle on Counter Trey 0:56 32 Q&A - Who is the Skip Puller 0:15 33 Q&A - Technique vs Surf Technique 0:32 34 Q&A - Adjustments vs High Rush 0:38

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Coach Matt Jones is entering his second season as the Run Game Coordinator and TE/OT coach at the University of Tennessee Martin. Prior to UTM, Coach Jones served as the OL coach at Texas Southern (2017-18) and Jackson State (2016). He also has previous experience at Tulane (2014-15), Villanova (2013), Avila University (2011-12), and University of Saint Francis in Illinois (2009-10).

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