Open Grass Reads Y Shallow and Y Cross

by Patrick Taylor


In the 3rd part of the Open Grass series we will examine the Y Shallow and Y Cross concepts, and how we use the Open Grass mentality to teach the progressions within the play. 51 mins of clinic film, diagrams, and drills. This video will allow you to take these Air Raid concepts and make them more dynamic in your play book. Learn to teach the receivers to adjust the cross route on the run, and have the quarterback throwing to open grass. This clinic also utilizes HUDL playbook, to teach and learn from color coded field diagrams. You will dive deeper into the Slow and Fast processes of playing quarterback, and how this teaching will allow you as a coach to get the same results as the college coaches do. 


Open Grass Reads Y Shallow Y Cross
1 Open Grass Reads Y Shallow Y Cross 51:04

The Coach


Patrick Taylor

Open Grass Reads in the Air Raid Offense


Over a decade ago I started my journey as a high school football coach. I have been fortunate enough to work on some amazing staffs, that have accomplished record breaking feats. I first served as a Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Defensive Coordinator, in Georgia. Utilizing the Air Raid offense the teams were able to break numerous offensive records in rushing and passing, and lead the AAA state in passing yards.

During my  first stint in the in the Air Raid, All school offensive records were broken, as well as players being recognized on the state and regional level for their accomplishments. Reaching the playoffs each year. In North Carolina, installing the Air Raid offense led us to producing 4,000 yards of total offense while compiling 2,000 rushing annually. We led the Western Piedmont Athletic Conference in total yards, passing, and team rushing. This helped us produce several all conference players, the Winston Salem Journal All Northwest Receiver, and the Offensive Player of the year. During my 6 seasons utilizing the Air Raid offense, the teams have gained 21,200 yards of total offense. 

I am currently the head coach for the North Surry Greyhounds, in Toast, NC. I am a small part of an outstanding staff that is committed to teaching young me to compete and perservere on and off the field. If you are ever in the area feel free to stop in, we are always ready to talk ball. 

Ratings and Reviews (11)


Awesome job!

Feb 26, 18 03:02 AM

Simon Preston

Really good information inside

Feb 26, 18 12:09 PM

Justin Taylor

Again the slow and fast process and it's application to shallow and y cross are awesome.

Mar 28, 18 02:55 PM

Paul Fargo

Excellent content and a thorough presentation. Worth the listen.

Mar 28, 18 03:11 PM


Simplifies the thinking for the QB into a checklist that helps him understand what he’s looking at post snap

Mar 28, 18 01:05 PM


Greta course! A must for any offense

Mar 28, 18 02:49 PM


As a casual football fan who loves the X's and O's of the game; I thought that this was GREAT. Coach has a good grasp on making things simple to understand. Enjoyed it!!!

Mar 28, 18 09:28 PM


Coach Taylor does a great job of teaching coaches to help the quarterback. I enjoyed the course. Thank you!

Apr 2, 18 05:07 AM

Michael Moses

Great Course that really breaks down how the Open Grass Concept works. Really enjoyed the show and tell of the cognitive training and it's results.

May 4, 18 10:24 AM

Eric Knott

Excellent information that is easily digestible. I will be viewing Coach Taylor's other work on this site!

Feb 14, 19 06:51 PM


Great way to teach Shallow and Cross. Very simplistic approach. Thanks for putting this together.

Nov 11, 19 11:44 AM

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