Rob Rhodes

Power I Offense for Youth Football

The Brookly Power I Offense has been developed over a period of many years. The main influences were from the Full House T, and a Basic I offense. The Offense has changed and adapted along the way to evolve to the form it is today. One of the bonuses of the Offense has always been the spacing and alignment. Since it works off arm’s length and steps it never has to be adjusted to fit the age of your players. It is truly a plug and play Offense.

While each play has its own unique blocking scheme, the general concept is to block down at the point of attack, and kick out with the Fullback. The course will cover the blocking schemes and variations; the main thing is to keep things simple and execute better than your opponent.

As a bonus, we are including a copy of Coach Cianflone's Brooklyn Power I Playbook.

Rob Rhodes Coaches Clinic Championships are Won in the Offseason

Coach Cianflone has coached 40 Seasons at all levels from Youth to Semi Pro. As a Youth Coach, he spent 13 Years as a Head Coach in NYC with 11 State Championships and 4 Years in Charlotte with a record of 55–1.  During that time he compiled numerous State and National Titles. Currently Coach Cianflone is Coaching High School in Florida.

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