Press-Man Technique & Drills

Press-Man Technique & Drills details the teaching progressions that coaches can utilize to develop their defensive backs and safeties. From the defensive backs’ feet to their hips to their hands, this course reviews the underlying factors involved in playing effective press-man technique. These coaching videos also feature a series of game-tested drills that are designed to enhance these abilities.

Among the topics covered:

Chew the hip • Lead-step trail step • Inside open hip • Quickturn • The Jam • CAT teaching progression • Phase drill • Inch-out technique

1 Intro
2 Chew the Hip
3 Lead-Step Trail-Step
4 Kickstep
5 Quickturn
6 The Jam
7 CAT Teaching Progression
8 Phase Drill
9 Inch-Out Technique
10 Conclusion

KyleWilliams Kyle Williams Head Football Coach at Fallbrook High School

Kyle Williams is the head football coach at Fallbrook High, School Fallbrook, CA.

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