Q Run Series: Speed Option

by Spread-N-Shred
Q Run Series: Speed Option


The Speed Option can be one of the best ways to get your QB involved in the Run Game. Both in terms of efficiency and limiting your QB taking unnecessary hits. The Speed Option immediately attacks the perimeter and gets the ball out in space. Inside this course you will learn how to gameplan the Speed Option, including what to look for, when to use it situationally, and how to put defender's in a bind. Speed Option is also a very inexpensive play in terms of installation and practice reps needed to execute properly. The simplicity for the Offensive Line and perimeter blocking allows for the Speed Option to be an easy install both mentally & physically. Along with the Speed Option you will learn the Sprint Option that can be a huge compliment or your main version of the scheme.

This course will break down every single aspect of the speed option going through the "Hows" and the "Whys", the Rules & Responsibilities for each player including the needed technique to execute the scheme, and several different variations/tags you can use to get the most out of the concept. With the use of All-22 & detailed film breakdown you will learn everything you need to know to install and run the Speed Option in your offense.


Basics of the Speed Option
1 Introduction to Q Run Series 1:14 2 Why Utilize Speed Option 3:14 3 What will you get in this course? 2:11 4 Speed Option Variations 1:19
Zone Away: Speed Option
5 Introduction to Speed Option 1:16 6 Film of the Zone Away Scheme 5:34 7 Game Planning your Speed Option 6:24 8 Offensive Line Rules for Zone Away Speed Option 4:35 9 Blocking Different Defensive Fronts & Structures 7:25 10 Film Breakdown of Block Schemes 7:03 11 Backfield Action to Sell Inside Zone 3:50 12 Film Breakdown of the Backfield Action 11:10 13 Perimeter Blocking Responsibilities 4:03 14 Backside Blocking Responsibilities 1:10 15 Film Review of Block Responsibilities 5:30
Sprint Option
16 Introduction to Sprint Option 1:50 17 Film Breakdown of Sprint Option 4:06 18 All-22 of Sprint Option 0:11 19 Even More Film Breakdown of Sprint Option 3:14 20 All-22 Sprint Option #2 0:11 21 Gameplanning Sprint Option 4:03 22 Offensive Line Blocking Scheme for Sprint Option 2:48 23 Film Breakdown of Blocking the Sprint Option 6:01 24 All-22 of Blocking Schemes 1:30 25 Backfield Action for Sprint Option 2:02 26 Under Center Sprint Option Breakdown 4:56 27 All-22 of Under Center 0:48 28 Perimeter Blocking Responsibilities 1:43 29 Backside Blocking Responsibilities 0:52 30 Running Sprint O to the Single Side Receiver 3:36
Other Variations & Aspects
31 Other Speed Option Variations 2:43 32 Film Breakdown of Fake GT Counter Speed Option 4:29 33 All-22 of Fake GT Counter Speed Option 0:31 34 Adding a Lead Tag to your Speed Option 1:41 35 Final Word on the Speed Option 4:16

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