QBIQ System Ebook & Install Video.. Nothing else like it!

– PART 1: QBIQ Concept Book, read like a PRO.
– PART 2: Learn your PLAYBOOK like a PRO . See and Quickly work with the grain of defense!
This System is the most fundamental mental approach that will make decisions lightning fast. This simplifies Pre-Snap to Post-Snap by easy to learn concepts making progression reading FAST! Colleges and High Schools have been dominating with QBIQ. QBIQ INSTALL VIDEO
The online video series guides you through the QBIQ System Book teaching the QBIQ Concepts! Also Explains how to use the Training Book in the System. This is the icing on the cake to making sure you “get it.”

QBIQ Install Video
1 Introduction
2 Table of Contents
QBIQ Install Video: Chapter 1
3 RDR Offense
QBIQ Install Video: Chapter 2
4 Concept Build
5 Cover 2
6 Cover 3
7 Cover 4
8 Cover 6
9 Cover 1
10 Cover 0
QBIQ Install Video: Chapter 3
11 CH4-Brain Mechanics
12 Concept Breakers
QBIQ Install Video: Chapter 4
13 Defensive Recognition
14 Cover 2
15 Cover 3
16 Cover 4
17 Cover 1
18 Rush Explanation
19 Recognizing the Heat
20 Cover 0
21 Recognizing the Heat
22 Mastering the Rush
QBIQ Install Video: Chapter 5
23 RDR vs Defense
QBIQ Install Video: Chapter 6
24 Apply Situation
25 Field Position
QBIQ Install Video: Chapter 7
26 Timing
QBIQ System Book
27 Introduction and Table of Contents
28 Chapter 1: RDR Offense
29 Chapter 2: Concept Build
30 Chapter 3: Mental Mechanics
31 Chapter 4: Defensive Recognition
32 Chapter 5: Apply Situation
33 Chapter 6: Timing
34 Chapter 7: RDR vs Defense

ChrisHixson QBIQ System The Leading Expert in QB Biomechanics and Mental Preparedness

A Passion for Football
Quarterback Coach Chris Hixson has a passion for the QB position that has driven him to become the leading expert in Quarterback Bio Mechanics. Chris is the owner and lead coach for “The Passing Academy” and he has over 30 plus years of football experience, most of those years at the position of Quarterback. Chris is an absolute expert on being a technician of fundamentals, throwing technique, footwork and teaching the game of football to anyone on any level! His obsession with exactly how the QB position works allowed him to write 2 books on the position. He will teach you how to be a better quarterback! High School and College Career
In 1993, Chris Hixson finished his high school career with a completion percentage of 82%, of which the team was named “The Best Team In Washington State History.” Chris selected The University of Rhode Island for the fantastic opportunity of starting all 4 years. His college career was highlighted by a number of school records, notably throwing for 8,574 yards. Chris earned many weekly and season Yankee Conference and Eastern Athletic Conference Association awards as well. His highest honor was being awarded the Golden Helmet, an extremely coveted achievement that so few receive. In 1995, Chris led his team to 6 last-minute drives to victory. The Arena Football League
After being on the short list for 8 NFL teams, the Arena Football League was Chris’ next stop. This league teaches unbelievably good characteristics for the position of Quarterback, mostly because the game requires throwing the football almost every down. His team went to the Arena Bowl twice in his AFL career.
• ‘06 Amarillo Dusters Off. Coord. AFL
• ‘05 Arizona Rattlers QB – AFL
• ‘04 Georgia Force QB – AFL
• ‘03 Arizona Rattlers QB – AFL
• ‘02 Arizona Rattlers QB – AFL
• ‘01 Tallahassee Thunder QB – AFL2
• ‘97 8NFL TEAMS Emergency Call List
• ‘93-’96 University of Rhode Island QB

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