Quarterback Drills & Dailies

In this information packed video, coach Cunerty begins with the QB essentials of: Quick Eyes, Quick Feet, Quick Decision, Quick Release, or said another way, Scan it, Move it, See it, Stick it. He details stance, posture, footwork, spine angles, launch points, snap counts, recognition of coverages, game plan review as it relates to QB drops, and play action.

1 Intro 01:29
2 Stance 00:59
3 Posture 00:58
4 Footwork 00:24
5 Spine Angles 01:12
6 Launch Points 00:58
7 Snap Counts 03:22
8 Recognition 01:37
9 Every Drop 00:54
10 Every Play Action 02:02

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Bill Cunerty has worked with numerous NFL athletes, and most recently Andrew Luck the #1 NFL Draft pick in 2012. He is considered to be one of the nations top quarterback coaches. Bill teaches performance training for elite athletes. He is often called upon to help recent college seniors achieve their dreams of playing in the National Football League. The 20-somethings come to coach Cunerty from all over the country for the opportunity to work with him. For it is Bill Cunerty who will prepare them for the biggest job interview of their lives. Dressed in black sweatpants and a black polo shirt, Cunerty looks remarkably young for someone turning 65 in May. He has a quiet but commanding presence on the field, and the quarterbacks and receivers he’s working with listen intently when he speaks.

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