RPOs Done Right, A Comprehensive Plan

by EK Slaughter
RPOs Done Right, A Comprehensive Plan


This course gives a comprehensive explanation of pre snap RPOs AND post snap RPOs with double AND tripple option reads.  I will break down how to get the RIGHT numbers as many coaches run these concepts vs. wrong fronts and coverages and by doing so do not give themselves a clear nubers advantage.  The goal of an RPO is to make the defense wrong if we execute correctly.  This course will discuss how to run RPOs vs. different fronts and coverages, who to read, who the danger defender is, and techniques on how to do all of these things.  At the conclusion of this course you will have a comprehensive RPO package for your entire season as well as the invitation to have individual clinic talks in person or via video chat.  Thank you for taking the time to explore this package!   


The Coach


EK Slaughter

Culture Creation, Program Organization, and Offensive Strategy to succeed With The Average Athlete


I have been coaching football for 22 years.  The last 11 years I have been a head coach.  I have coordinated both sides of the ball but have been primarily an offensive coordinator.  I pride myself in being on the cutting edge of inovation in our game while keeping things simple for athletes to perform at the highest level.  My fit as a head coach has been in turning around struggling programs.  I have taken 2 seperate programs from 2-18 records (or less) the 2 years before I arrived to 8 win seasons withing 3 years.  The things I teach philisophically and strategically I believe allowes you to overachieve with the average athlete as well as dominate with the better athlete.  I believe success in this game starts with relationships first and that any success will take time and intentionality.  My sessions are not quick fixes as I believe they do not exist.  I do believe that a commitment to my philosophys on offense and program development will allow you and your program to have genuine long term success both on and off the field.  For anyone who has purchased my package I am happy to take the time to sit down with anyone who would like to talk in person or via video chat.  Feel free to email me at  Thank you for taking the time to explore these packages!  

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Very Detailed

Jul 4, 19 08:35 PM

Joseph Purvis

Really enjoyed this, have been a DC most of my career and just got my first HC job and this is what I needed!!!

Jun 12, 19 07:05 PM

Nixon Jon

Easy to learn concepts.

May 20, 20 07:37 PM

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