RPOs in a No Huddle Offense

by Jason McManus
RPOs in a No Huddle Offense


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These are NOT the RPOs that the rest of the country is running!  No copy-cat schemes in the MacAttack Spread Offense.

Coach shows you game film of every play with a Tight End, with an H-Back, out of Trips, and out of 2x2

This is not clinic talk on a board.  Coach has over 80 minutes of game film as he pauses, rewinds, and uses the HUDL drawing tools to explain every play.

Coach starts off with 15 plays out of multiple formations.  Counter, Trap, Draw, and Inside Zone are married with Wheel, Seam, Stick, Speed Out, and Bubble.

SECOND LEVEL RPOs outside the huddle is something very unique and puts the defense in a bind.  The QB has the option to handoff, run the ball, or pass the ball.  Inside Zone, Counter, and Power are the run plays married with Wheel, Seam, Stick, Speed Out, and Bubble.  Coach "window dresses" it by running the same play using the H-Back six different ways!

THIRD LEVEL RPO slows down aggressive safeties and corners.



1 Start Here 2 Introduction to Different Types of RPOs 1:56 3 Three Types of RPOs in the MacAttack System 2:33
4 FB Wheel/Z Post PASS with QB Trap RUN 2:15 5 GAME FILM of FB Wheel/Z Post with QB Trap 7:16 6 FB Wheel/Z Post PASS with QB Counter RUN 3:13 7 FB Seam PASS with QB Counter Run 3:35 8 FB Wheel PASS with Outside Zone (Stretch) RUN 1:12 9 Stick PASS with QB Draw RUN 7:27 10 Stick PASS with QB Draw RUN using Motions and Empty 1:49 11 Speed Out PASS with QB Draw RUN 3:10 12 Stick PASS with QB Counter RUN 5:42 13 Stick PASS with QB Counter out of 20 Personnel 2:04 14 Bubble PASS with QB Counter RUN 1:19 15 Stick PASS with Inside Zone RUN out of Trips 3:07 16 Stick PASS with Inside Zone out of 2x2 1:43 17 Stick PASS with Inside Zone RUN out of 20 Personnel 1:16 18 Inside Zone Lock/Stick out of Trips 7:44
19 INTRODUCTION to 2nd Level RPO out of Pocket 1:11 20 Inside Zone - QB can handoff, run, or throw pass (bubble, arrow, speed out, stick) 7:21 21 Counter - QB handoff, run, pass options 4:12 22 Counter- Enhancing the QB handoff, run, pass options with motions 4:09 23 Inside Zone-QB handoff, run, pass option out of 10 personnel 2:51 24 Bubble-Counter with QB having handoff, run, or pass option out of 10 personnel 2:26 25 Speed Outs-Inside Zone with QB three options out of 10 personnel 1:02
26 Slant Power out of 10 Personell Reading Safeties 5:09 27 Slant-Inside Zone out of 20 Personnel Reading Safeties 1:58 28 Post/Bubble/Slant with Counter RUN 2:51 29 Complete MacAttack Spread RPO Offensive System

The Coach


Jason McManus

MacAttack Air Raid RPO System


Coach Jason McManus was a college coach for 12 years before becoming the offensive coordinator at South Pointe High School in South Carolina.  Playing in the highest classification, South Pointe won 4 consecutive state titles, had a 55-5 record including a 26-game win streak, and was ranked #6 in the country by USA Today.

Coach McManus MACATTACK offense scored 711 points and amassed 6,702 yards (3,639 rush, 3,063 pass) in ONE season.  The MacAttack Offense averaged 44.9 points per game in 2018, 47.1 points per game in 2017, 39.8 points per game in 2016 -- for a 3-year average of 43.9 points per game!  During that same span the offense has averaged 476.3 yards per game playing in South Carolina's highest classification. 

Coach McManus MACATTACK has produced an All-State or All-American QB for 4 consecutive years. 

Ratings and Reviews (20)

Coach Ledger

Wow. That's all i can think of. Not only does this video break down RPOs frame by frame using game film, Coach McManus goes into great detail on every play, which include several in which his players make mistakes. These are not the "clinic" RPOs that everyone is drawing up at clinics but don't have game film to back it up. McManus' RPOs are different, especially the ones where the QB can hand it off, run it, or pass the ball. And he has several game clips to support every play.

Feb 15, 19 03:18 AM


I had the pleasure of coaching the All-American Bowl with Coach McManus. He is one of the most detail oriented coaches I’ve ever met and an exceptional teacher. His system is very well thought out but he makes it seem so simple. If you are thinking of implementing the spread offense and are a fan of the RPO like I am, then the MacAttack Spread RPO system is a must have. After watching this course it’s no wonder they were able to score 44 points a game at South Pointe.

Feb 15, 19 08:31 AM


Wow!!!!!! I met Jason coaching against him at the High School All American Game in San Antonio. After spending time talking ball and competing against him, I instantly had incredible respect for Jason and his concepts. This video is so well done. It takes you step by step through his ‘Macattack System’. Jason leaves nothing out. You first get an explanation of the play and concept via a diagram. Jason then takes you through the play via film from different angles. What is so impressive, is that he shows and explains when his kids are executing the concept properly and or not properly. As well Jason takes you step by step with teaching points on every concept covered in terms of steps and reads. Jason is a true ball coach. I highly recommend this video for all levels of the game. Steve Leisz Head Coach Episcopal High School (Tx) High School All American Game

Feb 15, 19 11:12 AM


Jason’s Mac Attack system is best around. This guy does a phenomenal job Confusing the defense, Constantly putting them in conflict with coverage or run fits. I personally worked with Jason at the All American Game In San Antonio Texas. Jason completely controlled the offense with this system and with similar talent on both sides destroyed the west team 48-14. It’s very easy to learn as you can see with one week of training. One of the greatest things is Jason will always be there to help you with any questions

Feb 15, 19 12:59 PM


This stuff works! Will have your offense moving the ball. The film clips are great. Pay close attention to the details and you'll have defensive coordinators scratching their heads.

Feb 16, 19 02:44 PM

Ryan Williams

Great stuff from a great coach. Highly recommend ANYTHING he puts out.

Feb 25, 19 08:28 PM


Went to Glazier Clinic in LA to hear about RPO's and how to implement them back here in Australia, was a great session and have learnt a lot....would definitely attend another session by Jason....!!

Mar 3, 19 12:38 PM

Extremely enlightening course on RPOs. Never did I think about categorizing them into 3 different types. Great course!

Nov 9, 19 09:38 AM


Great Stuff!!! Very informative.

Nov 11, 19 01:39 PM


Great course with tons of information.

Nov 12, 19 07:01 AM

Mike Weingart

This whole course is outstanding! Highly recommended.

Nov 12, 19 08:44 AM


I found this course very helpful when trying to insert RPO's in to our offense. Coach did such a great job breaking down each play and the responsibilities of each player.

Nov 12, 19 09:12 AM

Mike Tisza

Awesome! The kids really enjoyed running the plays! Most importantly they worked!

Nov 12, 19 09:14 AM

Justin Price

Excellent Course

Nov 12, 19 11:03 AM


This is an awesome course. After seeing Coach Mac speak at the glazier clinic in LA this past off-season I had planned to go to several different sessions during the weekend, but after doing one session with coach Mac I ended up going to all of his sessions instead. The concepts are simple and very effective. He also is very good at explaining them. The offense was very similar to mine and with added some of the concepts and tweaks that he does with his offense I think it took mine to a different level. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interest in scoring more points and getting more explosive plays on offense. Simply put IT IS AWESOME!

Nov 12, 19 02:20 PM


Awesome descriptions with voiceover of film

Nov 16, 19 07:07 AM

daniel edelman

Best RPO information I have come across

Nov 16, 19 07:45 PM

The CoachDre

I loved everything about this course. It has helped me understand what I need to coach in order to get my players to react to what the defense is gonna do.

Nov 17, 19 07:20 AM


So dynamic yet so simple to teach.

Nov 29, 19 07:55 AM


Lots of good ideas here -- creative ways to combine the Lego pieces to get carryover in OL scheme/technique and QB reads. Clemson player QB is a force multiplier since he can bounce outside and get more than is blocked. Worthwhile purchase.

Dec 7, 22 02:12 PM

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