The Powerful Pin and Pull RPO

by Ron McKie


Run Pass Options are all the rage these days.

They let your quarterback ALWAYS have the last word...

...regardless of what the defense does.

That's why defensive coordinators always complain about them.

BUT you don't care about their complaints. All you want to do is score points FAST.

Which is what this course is all about.

The Powerful Pin and Pull RPO course will teach you the SECRET behind the most popular RPO today...

...the Pin and Pull RPO.

Discover how to:

-Block the Pin and Pull against every front. These simple rules will GUARANTEE the Powerful Pin and Pull RPO will be matter what the defense runs.

-Simple Read for your Quarterback. This EASY read will have your quarterback playing like an All-State player.

-Easy adjustments This secret tag will DESTROY Man-To-Man Defenses and have the opposing DC tear up his playsheet in frustation.


The Coach


Ron McKie

Master the Spread. Score Points. Have Fun


Coach McKie is a 10 year veteran football coach - having coached on both side of the ball. He has helped set multiple school records in passing yards, passing touchdowns, overall touchdowns, and points scored in a game with the use of the Spread Offense.

In 2015, Coach McKie started a YouTube channel to help spread his knowledge of the Spread Offense to other coaches and help them have success in the Spread Offense. Since then, he has helped over 41 coaches successfully install the Spread Offense at their school.

Ratings and Reviews (15)


Great Stuff

Dec 25, 18 06:17 PM


Coach McKie is so incredibly knowledgeable and more importantly more willing to share that knowledge than any coach I know. He is truly one of the good guys in our world. Please support him.

Dec 25, 18 07:34 PM

lance burrell

great course

Dec 25, 18 08:40 PM

Tad Barton

More great insight from Coach McKie.

Dec 25, 18 09:34 PM

Ed Honabarger

Good course and good explanations with it.

Dec 26, 18 07:42 AM

Emet Reyes

Great job. Coach McKie does a great job and keeps it simple against all fronts.

Dec 26, 18 08:42 AM

Troy Brooks


Dec 26, 18 02:38 PM

Jason Murphy

Coach McKie has put together a great tutorial on what is one of the hottest topics and makes it simple to digest.

Dec 26, 18 08:26 PM

I am not a coach, but as a spectator, this course helped me better understand what is happening on specific RPO plays. Excellent job by Coach McKie!

Dec 26, 18 08:44 PM

Coach Jim

Great job. Thanks for including detailed explanations and film cut ups.

Dec 26, 18 09:43 PM

Chris Wofford

Great stuff Coach McKie. Love how you show it for all the different fronts and if teams go man. Keep it coming.

Jan 3, 19 04:42 AM

Coach Sergio Barbero

Really helpful course.

Jan 3, 19 06:04 AM

Jeffrey Bacholzky

I'm a Wing-T guy, so seeing some pin & pull RPO is great! So many RPOs off of zone plays, finally some pin & pull that we can implement.

Jan 9, 19 10:09 AM


Coach McKie's presentation is well organized, clear and easy to understand and follow. It seems so simple; well done coach!

Jan 16, 19 10:14 AM


Great Stuff

Mar 29, 19 07:15 AM

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