In this course Coach Singleton will describe a simple offensive system he has used successfully at the High School level.  Using the system he refers to as "More with Four", he has simplified the learning curve for his players.  Many coaches have 100s of concepts they want to install and use, but often times players have a difficult time executing them at a fast pace.  

More with Four:

4 Runs 
4 Screens 
4 Quicks 
4 Dropbacks 

Coach Singleton's teams practice these simple concepts until they are good at them and then they add window dressing to make them look different to the Defense.  In this simple system, he is also able to add RPO Tags to the Run game, as well as Tag Pass routes to take advantage of defensive matchups.  

1 Introduction 13:03
Screen Game
2 Screen Game 18:40
Quick Game
3 Quick Game 16:27
Dropback Game
4 Dropback Game 11:44
Run Game
5 Run Game 18:55
6 Tags 04:02
Bonus Material
7 Simple RPO 27:07
8 More with Four PDF

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Slade Singleton has been coaching high school football for eight years. He takes pride in turning around struggling football programs. He has had three quarterbacks sign college scholarships. His offense in 2014 was ranked in the top 10 in North Carolina 3A and second in Western North Carolina.  His teams have appeared in the state playoffs 2 times since 2014 with him as the offensive coordinator. He believes that being able to coach is his opportunity to change lives for the better; on and off of the field.  He is married to Jessica and has three children; Natalie, Lilly, and Sean. He thanks God for the opportunity to be a coach and mentor to his athletes.

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What Coach Singleton has done with his "Rule of 4", can help any coach improve their offensive output. This is a great way to streamline your offense and tailor your offense around what your team can be successful with. With any no huddle tempo offense you want the ability to have your players play fast but also be able to window dress what you do. The "Rule of 4", is a tool that can make this happen. The detail that is being spoke on in this course is worth every penny and I will incorporate the "Rule of 4" into my system moving forward. Thank you coach for putting together a great product!
Jan 13, 18 05:05 PM


Coaches, this is a MUST!!! It’s simple and concise. Installing your offense doesn’t have to be complicated. Your kids, your offense and your program will benefit from this course.
Jan 13, 18 07:49 PM

Downriver Wolfpack
Downriver Wolfpack

Coach Singleton does a great job explaining the hows & whys of his system. Clear and concise. Best $ I have spent on football in a long time. Keep up the good work Coach!
Jan 14, 18 05:33 PM

Ron McKie

Coach Singleton has done it again. He has created a course that simplifies your offense while increasing your points. This course shows you how you don't need 1,000 plays in order to be successful. All you need is a couple of plays that you need to rep and your scoring will go through the roof. This is an amazing course that I think everyone should get.
Jan 15, 18 02:04 PM


Coach Singleton does a great job of simplifying spread concepts. His rule of 4 is helpful in trying to simplify your offense for your kids in order to play faster, but also gives you answers to what the defense is trying to do. I would recommend any coach looking to simplify their offense in order to play faster check out this course. Nice work Coach!
Jan 17, 18 08:17 PM

John 'Coach' Maurek
John Maurek

Jan 18, 18 01:09 AM


Love how Coach Singleton made all concepts simple to understand. Whether you have coached for 1 or 10 years it is easy to follow. Keep up the great work Coach!
Jan 19, 18 01:13 AM

Derrick Adams

Solid Video, Worth the buy!!!
Feb 14, 18 05:03 PM