Rules and Techniques for Blocking Inside, Outside, & Wide Zone

Jim McNally goes into an exhaustive and detailed explanation of the most common zone plays in the game today This course details everything you need to know about how to run them, how defenses will try to stop them, and what you can do to adjust.

Learn all about the most popular zone schemes, including:

- Tight zone

- Wide zone

- Pulling the tackle on zone

- Running the zone against a Bear front

- And more!

Become a smarter coach today! Book this course now!


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JimMcNally Jim McNally Legendary NFL Offensive Line Coach

Jim McNally spent 28 years coaching the offensive line in the National Football League, and is widely regarded as one of the leading experts in offensive line play.

After spending time as an offensive line coach with the Bengals, the Panthers, the Giants, and the Bills, McNally now works as a consultant with the Cincinnati Bengals.

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