Skills & Drills Manual for Wing T

by Rick Stewart
Skills & Drills Manual for Wing T


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200 pages on 8x11 paper

DISCLAIMER:  This is NOT a downloadable product.  I used to offer that and the book showed up as a Facebook download and on Scribd.  It took me over 300 hours to write this book and 8 years running the offense so I do not want this to be a free download on the internet.  You will get a dropbox link with tons of drawings & powerpoints when you purchase.  If you are an old-fart like me and want the hard copy to put sticky notes in then order from www.allaccesscoaching.com

This Drills Manual will help any offense, not just Wing T.

  1. Overview of the Wing T  (12 pgs)
  2. Good Coaching (12 pgs)
  3. Practice Philosophy is about practicing fast, getting lots of reps, & conditioning during practice, not after  (12 pgs)
  4. Quarterback Drills will fit any offense (22 pgs)
  5. WR & TE Drills will fit any offense (18 pgs)
  6. Running Back drills will fit any offense (18 pgs)
  7. Offensive Line Drills is a summary of the 225-page Offensive Line Manual (16 pgs)
  8. Buck, Guard Trap, & Waggle footwork, both under center & in pistol (8 pgs)
  9. Belly, Tackle Trap, B. Sweep, B. Pass, Down, Counter, D. Sweep, D. Pass footwork, both under center & in pistol (10 pgs)
  10. Midline, Veer, Jet footwork - under center & pistol (10 pgs)
  11. Overall Practice Structure is how to sequence all the drills & rep all the plays (14 pgs)
  12. Group Drills  (10 pgs)
  13. Team Drills & Practice Plans for spring, summer, Aug, & In-Season (14 pgs)
  14. Evaluating Players is grade sheets, player interviews, & goal setting (8 pgs)
  15. Organizing Coaching Staff (8 pgs)


The Coach


Rick Stewart

Coaches Helping Coaches


Coach Stewart has been a football coach for 27 years, 16 as a head coach, Stewart has been to 2 CIF Section Finals, and in 2011, his 12-0 team lost the CIF championship on a hail mary pass in the rain. His 12-0 team won the district title in Pennslyvania in 2020. 

He took four losing programs to playoffs.

Coach Stewart has turned around four different schools and led each team to the playoffs within his first two seasons at the helm. Since 2019 produced his 1st scholarship player, Stewart’s system gives his players a chance to be successful vs superior talent.

  • McFarland, a small, agricultural school of 600 students with no weight room, had lost 24 games in a row. Stewart served as offensive coordinator and they went 8-2 with only 3rd playoff berth in 75-yr school history
  • Stewart left McFarland for 3 years and they went 3-26 during his absence. He returned as head coach to make the playoffs in Year 2. (the Disney movie, “McFarland”, starring Kevin Costner is the same town and school)
  • Broke 0-27 losing streak at Corcoran, a school with 900 students, winning an undefeated league title in Year 2;
  • Porterville, a large, rural school of 2,000 students, won 40 games in 5 years, including back-to-back section runner-ups at a that had won 8 games in the 5 years prior to his arrival.
  • Pennslyvania. Stewart went to a different state to coach a team that had went 3-7, 2-8, and 4-6. Stewart's team went 9-1 and was #6 in entire state in total offense in 2018 followed by a 12-1 district championship that had the #2 offense in the entire state. The school had only won 9 games twice: 1982 and 2009.

Stewart also has coached basketball, serving as AAU director for girls basketball in California and tutored seven girls to D-1 scholarships. He understands what coaches want and his company, ALL ACCESS COACHING, is all about helping the next generation of coaches.

Ratings and Reviews (8)


Love the buzz words. Every drill & every technique comes with buzz words to make practice go faster. Not sure why Stewart called this a WingT book...the drills would apply to any offense. But WingT coaches will love the backfield footwork drawings for every play under center & in Pistol

Mar 2, 20 10:34 AM


I wish I would have read this book before I became a head coach. Practice organization and coaching philosophy are very well written.

Mar 2, 20 12:42 PM

Coach Ledger

The drawings of the backfield footwork for both under center and in pistol were amazing. And the chapters for each position has drills that can be used in any offense, at any level.

Mar 2, 20 10:52 AM


So many drills. Every youth coach in American should have this book. And the first couple of chapters on how to coach, motivate, and run a practice were worth the price of the book

Mar 2, 20 11:07 AM


The drawings of all the backfield footwork was so detailed. This really helped us clean up our backfield. And we can't wait to get our practices moving alot faster the way he describes in the book

Mar 2, 20 12:20 PM

Brad Cooley

Outstanding resource!

Feb 17, 21 05:55 PM

Jared Bennett

The Skills and Drills book works great with the Playbook!

Mar 6, 21 04:47 PM

David Norris

No matter what offense you run this is a great resource!

Apr 15, 21 07:17 AM

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