Spread Rugby PUNT: Eliminate Returns

by Roger Holmes
Spread Rugby PUNT: Eliminate Returns


Protections rules and techniques for each player in a rugby punt formation

Coach Holme's Rugby Punt gives a detailed explanation of the advantages of the rugby punt. It covers the techniques used by the punter as well as all aspects of coverage and protection. If you are using or considering the rugby punt it is definitely worth your time." - Willie Fritz, Tulane University Head Coach

Coach Holmes begins by explaining why you should use the rugby punt. The rugby punt allows the punting team to always have the threat of a fake . Additionally, employing rugby-style punting typically sees fewer punts returned and much better coverage. You'll get details about the basic responsibilities and alignment rules for each player. Blocking rules and techniques are covered and shown on game film by 

Coach Holmes gives an in-depth explanation of the coverage rules for each position with the rugby punt system. Extensive film review is also included, in which Coach Holmes provides coaching points and touches on some of the issues that can arise from running a rugby punt system.

Coach Holmes does an excellent job giving a detailed explanation on the rugby punt. The rugby punt has made a dramatic impact on both the college and high school game, and with the help of this video, your team will greatly improve its punting efficiency!

64 minutes. 2020.


The Coach


Roger Holmes

NATIONAL Wing-T Expert


Coach Holmes has been a Head Football Coach for 29 years–the past 18 years at Dublin High School, Georgia.  He has won 157 games  with 8 Region Championships and 1 State Championship game with the Fighting Irish.   Before coming to Georgia, Coach Holmes  had won 73 games in eleven years at Beech High School, Tennessee.

His overall football record as head coach is 231-108-1.  

STATE COACH OF THE YEAR in bothTennessee (1995) and Georgia (2002 & 2006)
Georgia Athletic Coaches Association COACH-OF-THE-YEAR in 2002, 2005, & 2006.
Georgia Record for most points scored in a regular season in 2005 (549)
Georgia Record for points scored in a full season in 2006 (682).

Coach Holmes has been a National Wing-T Speaker of the Glazier Clinics, speaking at over 20 clinics.

Ratings and Reviews (5)


An excellent teaching on Rugby Punt. Coach Holmes gives you a step by step detailed teaching on not only the scheme but also how to train a rugby punter. A very strong selling point for me as a new Punt team coach is that every claim he made was backed up with game footage to cement the point.. Very happy with the product!!!

Mar 2, 20 01:50 PM

Heath Harding

I liked how thorough it was in describing options from this punt style.

May 24, 21 12:50 PM

Mike Hall

Great explanation

Jul 18, 21 06:54 AM

Michael ODonnell

Excellent information on installing the rugby punt from an innovative offensive set. Well presented and comprehensive. Easy to follow.

Sep 1, 21 08:55 PM

Eric Stroupe

I really enjoyed this presentation, as it got me thinking of ways to make other teams spend a ton of time trying to prepare for an unusual kicking style, and for a bunch of fakes that I may or may not decide to use. It would be easy for my program to install, but make other teams spend more time than they want trying to figure out how to stop us. I purchased another rugby punting video that I thought I would like, but I didn't like it that much because of how they ran it. They used WR's, RB's, LB's, and TE's for the blockers on the line, and everyone released downfield to cover the punt after 2 seconds which makes it impossible to run a variety of fakes. I really enjoyed how coach Holmes showed 5 different fakes that he has run, but you could easily add an additional 2-3 fakes into this system which I feel makes his system very difficult to defend. The team I coach for ran 1 fake all season last year, and the coaches spent an entire week designing it which is a huge cost. The kids were super excited when they ran it out of a traditional punt formation, but I can only imagine their excitement when they realize that we could install 5 fake punts and use them at any time during the season. I also really enjoy the philosophy of whatever the return team decides to do, it is the wrong decision. With the traditional punt that we run, there isn't really a chess match going on since you are punting the ball away in a very predictable manner 90% of the time.

Feb 11, 24 08:43 AM

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