Steve Casula - QB Gap Runs

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Steve Casula - QB Gap Runs


In this course, Coach Steve Casula discusses designed Quarterback Gap run schemes. Coach Casula opens the course with his philosophies on why it is important to run the Quarterback. Throughout the course, Coach Casula highlights several concepts including Fold Iso and several Counter schemes against a variety of defensive looks.


1 Introduction/Background 1:12 2 Influences for QB Run Game 2:13 3 Why QB Run 5:10
QB Fold Iso
4 Introduction - QB Fold Iso 1:28 5 2x2 Field Fold Iso with Jet Motion vs Over 3:06 6 3x1 Boundary Fold Iso with Jet Motion vs Odd Front 1:58 7 3x1 Boundary Fold Iso with Jet Motion vs Wide Front 1:06 8 3x1 Tight Split Boundary Fold Iso with Jet Motion vs Under 0:46 9 2x2 Field Iso with Jet Motion vs Under 1:40
3x1 Fold Iso RPO's
10 Introduction - 3x1 Fold Iso with Bubble 0:53 11 GL/Backed Up Fold Iso vs Under - Keep Read 3:01 12 Fold Iso vs Over - Keep Read 0:54 13 Fold Iso vs Under - Keep Read 0:37 14 Fold Iso vs Under - Throw Read 1:10 15 Fold Iso vs Odd Front - Throw Read 0:57 16 02 Personnel Boundary Fold Iso with 3rd Level RPO vs Under - Keep Read 2:07
2x2 Fold Iso RPO's
17 Introduction - 2x2 Fold Iso with Bubbles 0:25 18 Fold Iso vs Under with Play-Side Stunt - Keep Read 2:16 19 Fold Iso vs Cover Zero - Throw Read 1:46 20 Fold Iso with Orbit Motion - Keep Read 0:43 21 11 Personnel Fold Iso with Flow Action vs Over - Keep Read 1:20
Fold Iso Compliments
22 Introduction - 2x2 Fold Iso Counter with Jet Motion 0:37 23 Fold Iso Counter vs Under 0:45 24 Introduction - Fake Toss QB Iso 0:52 25 Fake Toss QB Iso vs Under 0:32 26 Fake Toss QB Iso with Jet Motion vs Over 0:41
QB Counter with Jet Motion
27 Introduction - QB Counter with Jet Motion 2:04 28 QB Counter vs Bear 1:44 29 QB Counter vs Pressure 2:00 30 QB Counter vs Wide Front 1:04 31 QB Counter vs Under 2:30 32 QB Counter with Jet Motion Bubble vs Over 0:49
QB H-Counter Bonus
33 Introduction - QB H-Counter Bonus 0:21 34 QB H-Counter Bonus vs Wide Front 0:51 35 QB H-Counter Bonus vs Bear 1:10 36 Fake Toss QB H-Counter vs 6-1 1:20
QB Wing Counter
37 Introduction - QB Wing Counter 1:59 38 QB Wing Counter vs Over 3:00 39 QB Wing Counter vs Under 0:58 40 Introduction - QB G/T Counter 0:51 41 Q&A - RB Seam Pass 0:56

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Steve Casula is the Offensive Coordinator at the University of Massachusetts. Formly an offensive analyst at the University of Michigan. Casula was the offensive coordinator at Division 2 Ferris State prior to making his move to Michigan. He was hired for that post in 2017 and helped the Bulldogs reach the D2 playoffs, finishing with an 11-2 record. Ferris State won the national championship the next year and Casula landed the Michigan job after that.

Coach Steve Casula recently completed his second season as the Assistant Quarterbacks coach and Senior Offensive Analyst at the University of Michigan. Coach Casula came to Ann Arbor from Ferris State University where he served for two seasons as the Offensive Coordinator and TE/RB coach. Prior to his time at Ferris State, Coach Casula was a part of the coaching staffs at Davenport (2014-17), Colgate (2013), and Western Michigan (2010-12).

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