Teaching Vertical Displacement Double Teams with Crowther Sled + Game Film

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Teaching Vertical Displacement Double Teams with Crowther Sled + Game Film



Herb Hand is the current offensive line coach at the University of Central Florida. In this course, he educates you on using the Crowther sled, teaching vertical displacement double teams. You will find that he uses a combination of game film, practice film, and individual drill tape to give you the knowledge he has accumulated over his time coaching, over 30 years worth! 

Pass Protection

Split & Tight Zone 

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1 Bob Wylie Introduction 3:27 2 The body hasn't changed, why should the sled? 6:07 3 Crowther Doesn't Lie 0:31 4 Instant Feedback 1:05 5 Don't Be Too Thin 0:37 6 Have Great Half Man Leverage 1:11 7 Six Point Hip Extension 10:42 8 Why Do We Chip? 1:19 9 When The Backer Triggers... 0:30 10 Snap Off 0:22 11 Split Zone Chip 1:06 12 Post Overlap Combo 2:18 13 When You Feel The Chip, Finish & Torque The Block 2:39 14 When You Chip, Knock The Defender Out Of The Gap 1:41 15 Double Man Posts 10:24 16 Post Overlaps On Air 2:30 17 PODS 2:02 18 Full Line Scheme 0:32 19 Doubles vs Defensive Line 1:14 20 Keep Your Hips On The Same Plane 1:03 21 Good Overlap Combo Block Example 1:33 22 Eye Angle Has To Go From Near Number To Far Shoulder 1:05 23 Don't False Step, Be Vertical 0:26 24 Put Your Hands On The Centers Laces To Create Separation Pre-Snap 0:57 25 Guard Tackle Post Overlap vs 4i 0:21 26 Perfection 0:19 27 Tackle Tight End TED Block 0:08 28 Get The Foot In The Ground 0:15 29 Half Line Drill 1:39 30 Dogs At The Fire Hydrant 1:22 31 Split Zone RPO Game Film 0:43 32 Post Overlap Combo Game Film 0:26 33 3 Post Overlaps 0:48 34 Base Zone Fit 0:40 35 Split Zone Fit 1:31 36 Double Man Drives 1:14 37 Post Drive Combos 0:57 38 Single Man Drives 0:45 39 Post Drives On Air 2:44 40 Don't Cross Over 0:52 41 Be Vertical In Your Blocks 0:36 42 Strike & Drive 1:26 43 Don't Let Their Eyes Get Lost Tracking 1:07 44 Stay In The Drive Technique 0:23 45 Displace The Pad Level 0:17 46 Get Your Toe In The Ground 0:34 47 Illusion Of The Post Overlap 0:54 48 Questions And Answers With Coach Hand 21:34

The Coach

Coach Hand is the offensive line coach at the University of Central Florida. Prior to that, he was the co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at the University of Texas at Austin, 2018-2020. From 2016-2017, Hand was the offensive line coach at the University of Auburn, where he also coached with now UCF head coach, Gus Malzahn. A native of Westmoreland, New York, Hand, and his wife Debbie have two sons, Trey and Cade, and one daughter, Bailey. 

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Tyler Ferreria

Really like this course. Tones of good cut ups to help visual how DBL team combos work. Like that its broken up so easy to find certain parts. Mostly zone but some gap blocks as well. Crowther stuff is something all OL should watch at least once.

Jan 16, 22 09:45 PM

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