TEX-BONE Power Option & Power Read Pass

by Joe Austin
TEX-BONE Power Option & Power Read Pass


The Tex-Bone is triple option for the 21st century

Combines traditional option with modern spread into a Texas-sized offense that leaves defenses scrambling to cover it all

Course 9 is the PLAY ACTION PASSES off Power Option and Power Read

Pass Protection & Route Combos.  Including Blitz pickups.

Game footage shows examples of how to sell the play action pass by making the protections look like Power Option and Power Read run.

5-man Protections allows offense to get 5 receivers into the pass routes.

POWER OPTION PROTECTION pulls the backside Guard to the playside C-gap and asks the FB to pickup the LB.

POWER READ PROTECTION also pulls the backside Guard to playside C, however RB is faking the sweep instead of blocking a LB.


--> Flood & Quick Dig Concepts.

--> Vertical Seams.

--> Downfield Shots.

You will see the pass route combos and how to read the defense.


There are 7 to 10 tags that isolate your best Receiver on their DB.


Creates confusion for the defense that can give your offense the edge you are looking for.

--> Motion to Wing.

--> Same Side Wing.


The Coach


Joe Austin

Flexbone for the 21st Century


Head Coach Joe Austin rebuildt the football program at Hanover College before re-starting the program at Southwester University (TX) that was the dormant for 62 years. In 2016 Austin guided the Pirates to an undefeated 6-0 record in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC). The championship marked the team's first football championship since 1941 and the team's 7-3 overall record was the best in more thean 70 years, earning Austin the conference's Coach of the Year award. 

Coach Experience:

2012-present: Southwestern University Head Coach
2008-11: Hanover College Head Coach
2005-07: University of Dubuque Offensive Coordinator
2004: Augsburg College Offensive Coordinator
2000-03: Concordia University, St. Paul Wide Receiver Coach 

Ratings and Reviews (6)

Michael Westmoreland

Very detailed information. really like how coach take his time to go over the what if's .

Feb 26, 20 03:30 PM


5-man protection off Power Read fake? 15 different routes to run? This was a steal for $20. And Coach Austin does great job explaining which route to call vs which coverage

Mar 2, 20 10:04 AM

Pete Calin

Great course by Coach Austin! This concept alone can give 15 different versions of a headache for a defense. Possibilities are scary. Highly recommend this course.

Mar 2, 20 05:55 PM


Coach Austin does a great job with this presentation! Great job in describing the plays and breakdown the film. It’s something that every offense can use either as complete offense or change of pace. I highly recommend this for anyone

Mar 2, 20 01:35 PM

Ryan Landrum

Love seeing the different concepts from two major runs!

Apr 16, 20 09:10 AM

Nixon Jon

Great play action passes.

May 20, 20 07:34 PM

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